Why Use a Tour Planner?


Super Holiday Tours was founded over 40 years ago with the mission of providing service to student groups. Since 1975, Super Holiday Tours has developed a business model that provides full service travel arrangements for student performing groups traveling throughout the US and Europe. We work with over 5000 students comprising over 120 groups each year and maintain the highest standards of safety, customer service and performance planning in the industry. Super Holiday Tours also produces music performance events in Nashville, Orlando, Carnegie Hall and Daytona Beach.

Many ask “why should I use a tour planner like Super Holiday Tours?” Here are the five most common reasons why tour consultants are necessary in planning a group tour.

Time/Value Proposition, Save Time and Energy

An educator’s time is valuable. Most teachers need more time for planning and teaching. With all of the duties outside of teaching, who wants to add yet another? Realize how valuable your time is, and “hire” a trip planner to handle all of the details. Initial tour information is discussed over the phone, email or in person to begin the process. Once all of the data is gathered, the trip planner is able to create a package that will be well researched and meet the needs of each individual group.

Resources and Buying Power, Buying Power and Industry Knowledge

Tour operators have tremendous buying power due to the high volume of individual travels that are serviced. Often through their connections with vendors, they are able to receive better pricing for attractions and hotels, which saves you money on your overall trip. There is a common misconception that a bigger group will drive a lower price. In the case of restaurants, attractions, and often hotels, this is true. However, airlines and some major hotel chains see this is as a drain on their inventory, and actually charge higher prices. Tour operators are in the position to negotiate pricing for the group leader, often a very time-consuming task.


When booking travels and making any trip arrangements, many insurance options are offered to protect the travelers during the trip. This insurance covers the travelers for injuries sustained during the trip, as well as lost luggage, airline delays, and medical insurance for international trips. Additionally, participants can purchase insurance for cancellation before the trip due to family and medical issues. Tour Operators carry professional and general liability insurance as additional insurance on our group trips; teachers planning their own trips are rarely covered under their schools’ insurance, which leaves them at great personal risk. Do not take this lightly. Being personally named in a lawsuit could devastate a career in minutes.

Safety Due Diligence

The help of a tour operator becomes especially useful when planning youth-oriented journeys. Safety becomes the number one issue as the parents want to ensure their children’s safety at all times during the travel. Trip organizers review all safety regulations and ensure that all booked components meet the standards of the industry and comply with generally accepted safety standards.

Destination Knowledge, Financial Considerations

Do you have the skills, time and resources to accept trip payments, track who owes money, and contact parents to remind them to make payments? This can be the most time consuming activity involved in planning a trip. Let your tour operator handle all of this for you. Many can create online accounts that will allow parents to pay the operator directly. This also allows parents to pay with credit cards and plan how and when they can make payments. This one benefit may be the greatest benefit of using a trip planner.

Planning a student tour is best addressed by professionals who are experienced planning group travel. Super Holiday Tours is a travel planner that can meet all of the needs of your trip planning. Since they have been in business for more than 40 years, they have the expertise, technology, staff and knowledge of dozens of destinations throughout the United States and internationally.


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