What’s Your VISION?


Sixty years ago, teachers and students were imagining what the world would be like in the future. I think they envisioned space travel, visiting distant galaxies, living the life of the Jetsons. In 2017 what comes to mind as you create your future school. What will education look like in 40 to 60 years from now?

In this issue, we take a look at the Future of Education. Katherine Prince, in her article on page 14, believes “regional learning ecosystems could supplant standalone school districts, flexible learning pathways could replace fixed school-based curriculum and education would focus on helping learners make real impacts in the world during their studies.” She feels we are on the cusp of an era shift — and we are.

We are already conversing with technology, wearing technology and using algorithms to diagnose illnesses and help run businesses. This technology and more to come, alone, will change the face of education as many jobs will no longer exist and a plethora of other jobs will be created as artificial intelligence performs many jobs exclusive to humans now.

It’s because of technological strides, that college and career readiness becomes even more important. On page 20, Todd Daggett explains how “Future-Focused Schools will support students’ needs in their post-school roles.”

Cultural and economic changes will also challenge schools as educators find ways to teach those living in poverty, educating students with disabilities and mental health challenges and the ever-changing student demographics. The school of the future will “focus on educating, connecting and supporting all students to be successful in their education, career and life,” says Daggett.

With these changes, also come new ideas in how a school facility re-design can affect how students learn. This issue also takes a look at how to plan to make your school meet 21st century learning standards.

Just as teachers and students in the 1950s envisioned their 21st century world, today’s educators must respond now to design the Future of Education. So what’s next for you?


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