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The new school year is just about to take off for most of you and many of you will start to hear from your peers more about some of the hot topics and strategies in education this year. We here at SEEN also chose to delve into some of the trending education topics and we always came back to one of the most prevalent issues everyone is chatting about: equity.

Now, the topic is nothing new in the education space — but voices are getting louder when it comes to the idea. Many are debating whether equity (everyone having the resources to be successful) and equality (everyone being treated the same across the board) are the same in education and how they use these ideal to meet the needs of students. Our article contributors in this issue dig deeper in the topic of equity, teaching strategies and perceptions.

With that, we also explore trends in education, professional development, applying for graduate programs and curriculum strategies.

Safety and security is always top of mind for our SEEN audience and we take a look at ways you can make your schools safer this year, school bus safety, fire safety and the importance of air quality in schools. Fresh air is essential to learning!

Nutrition is also essential to learning and Roxanne Moore shares with us how nutrition promotes mental health. Just as we look at promoting mental health, we’re also looking the possible negative effects vaping has on physical health. We don’t have to tell you how prevalent this issue has become in our schools and how we, as a community, should all pay attention to e-cigarette use among our students.

Lastly, we always have a little fun with student travel. We know our SEEN readers are planning their school trips and we’ve got plenty of destinations to choose from this year!

From all of us at SEEN – have a safe and productive school year!

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