Walk and Learn in the Steps of Heroes USS YORKTOWN


The Institute of History, Science and Technology on board the YORKTOWN provides a full range of programs and activities. Our programs use the YORKTOWN and its environment as hands-on “real life” teaching stations, and are designed to capitalize on the “awe” factor of the massive aircraft carrier and its natural surroundings. Just a few of our programs are History & Science, Marine Science and VIP Tours.

You are cleared for an unforgettable landing as you explore and experience the ship known as the “Fighting Lady” – the USS YORKTOWN at Patriots Point on Charleston Harbor.

Join us year ’round for any of our “truly historic” hands-on, interactive educational journeys. We provide programs for: school groups, homeschoolers, youth groups, church Groups, scouts

Our many on-site programs are always thought provoking and absorbing. The Flight Academy is where students get to utilize their skills in navigation, aviation communication, teamwork and leadership.

Marine Science is an in-depth look at the ecosystem surrounding the ship and beyond. And the Virtual Reality Space Mission is an amazing state-of- the-art virtual reality experience that allows you to become an astronaut and explore the universe.

Any organized youth group can camp on board the USS YORKTOWN. Campers learn first-hand about naval and aviation history and many other educational topics while experiencing the majestic aircraft carrier; sleep in the berths where sailors slept; and eat in the CPO Galley. Campers can truly “Walk — and eat, sleep and learn — in the Steps of Heroes” at Patriots Point.

The varied exhibits at the museum highlight milestones in our history. From the USS LAFFEY, Vietnam Experience, and Apollo 8 Mission — history comes alive.

Whether young or old, students and other visitors experience the unique education of every facet of the aircraft carrier. Education and inspiration go hand in hand at Patriots Point, whether it’s meeting an actual veteran or respectfully walking through the Medal of Honor Museum. Overnight youth campers also eat on the same food trays as the naval crews of long ago, and watch one of our live footage movies.

The USS YORKTOWN (CV-10) was decommissioned in 1970 after a long and honorable tour of duty. Fittingly on the 200th birthday of the United States Navy, she opened to the public, becoming the focal point of Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum. The YORKTOWN is also listed as a National Historic Landmark.


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