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Looking to spark the imagination of students after the last bell rings for the school year? Summer reading can do just that and, with the right program, can make the months fly by. Kids Read Now is a K-3 summer reading program based upon the best practices of national literacy experts. These include student book choices, parental engagement, incentives to keep reading, and data analysis to measure efficacy. The program is proven to eliminate the summer reading slide experienced by many disadvantaged youths.

The program is affordable for schools and free to families. 94% of parents would recommend Kids Read Now and 89% of parents felt it motivated their child to read more. School administrators are chiming in on the difference the reading program has made in their schools. Garry Martin, the principal of Demmitt Elementary, says, “96% of the students who enrolled and participated in Kids Read Now passed the third-grade reading proficiency test, compared to only 60% of students who did not enroll.” The Kids Read Now program provides detailed statistics to administrators each fall. Evaluation of the multi-state program, based on data-driven, independent analysis by the UD Business Research Group, showed “significant and substantial improvements in reading scores, especially in high-poverty populations.”

Programs like Kids Read Now use the summer programs to reach these high poverty populations and disadvantaged kids – to avoid a downward summer spiral of learning and reduce the learning gap between rich and poor. The importance of third-grade literacy is evident: Students not reading at grade level at the end of third grade are four more times likely to drop out of high school; one in ten will go to prison; only one in 25 will graduate from college and 84% will never earn more than minimum wage.

Kids Read Now, a Read-A-Book, Get-A-Book, In-Home Summer Reading Program is a Title I approved turn-key solution for a fraction of most summer school programs. The nationally recognized program is one educators need to investigate and invest in for summer.

*Kids Read Now, since 2011 has served over 10,000 students across 10 school districts in three state. Kids Read Now is a 501C3 non-profit initiative dedicated to eliminating the summer reading slide among disadvantaged youth.

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