Standards Mastery Through Critical Thinking


A Well-Rounded Classroom

Every teacher juggles multiple agendas: teaching the standards, encouraging critical thinking, and getting their students up to speed. All these things – while challenging each and every student to perform their best. The list goes on, and the challenge is to fit it all in.

Mentoring Minds understands teacher’s needs–in fact, we’re educators ourselves.

Mentoring Minds equips teachers with all the strategies and rigorous content they need in order to lay the groundwork for critical thinking and help their students master the standards.

Used by over two million students across the nation, our supplemental curriculum integrates cross-curricular content and encourages students to encounter material in new and surprising ways. After all, isn’t that the way the real world works?

With Mentoring Minds, districts get results and, in classrooms, students launch the lifelong journey of learning. Our curriculum provides students with an eye toward a future beyond the test.

Founded by an Educator – with You in Mind

As an educator and parent, Michael Lujan was in the thick of it. State standards were getting tougher, kids were falling behind, and teachers were scrambling to reach them. Out of necessity, teachers focused more and more on the test and less on the values that bring us to school in the first place. Curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking all took a backseat.

Knowing there was no quick fix, Michael set to work, not only to equip students to excel on the state standards, but to return to the heart of education—by teaching kids how to learn and by developing critical thinkers for life.

As an educator, he knew the tools for his vision didn’t yet exist, so he decided to build them himself. It began with a simple flip chart for elementary teachers. Now, sixteen years later, and many classroom success stories later, there’s an entire catalog of K–12 instructional support tools.

We’re on Your Team

True to our original mission, all of our products are created by educators for educators. Each member of our development team has impacted classrooms as a teacher or an administrator, and has been recognized as a leader among their peers.

Best of all, our classroom resources are flexible. For many schools, technology in the classroom is no longer optional -it is the standard for orienting students to 21st-century careers. However, many classrooms aren’t there yet. That’s why our resources here at Mentoring Minds are in print and online. These different platforms allow teachers to choose how students access content and differentiate for individuals as well.

As you dive into lesson planning, we’re right there with you. Your feedback is a vital part of our collaborative curriculum development process driven by students’ needs and evolving state standards.

There’s a Bigger Picture

We’re dedicated to success in the classroom, but we understand that it’s often driven by factors on the outside—a healthy breakfast, a visionary administration, a supportive community. So…our mission doesn’t end in the classroom.

As an active part of the community, Mentoring Minds partners with Feeding America’s BackPack Program – a program designed to send hungry kids home with a backpack full of food each weekend. We also proudly sponsor the National Distinguished Principal Award Program to honor the groundbreaking administrators who are rethinking education leadership. We also invest in adult literacy and career development. After all, learning doesn’t end at the bell or even at graduation—let’s teach our kids by example!


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