Real Change for Today’s Learners


There are many theories on how to improve our education outcomes: increase in-school hours, smaller school/class size, different teachers’ compensation models, introduce technology, and so on.

These ideas all have merit, but most only involve investing in old concepts. Unless we change the essence of the learning practice, we will not succeed. That is exactly what the Learning One to One Foundation does – they are transforming education using Fontan Relational Education.


What They Do Differently


Fontan Relational Education (FRE) is a proven pedagogy model that focuses on developing cognitive skills along with intellectual, personal, and socio-emotional skills. FRE customizes the learning process for different learners at an individual level based on students’ abilities and interests, relating everything they learn to their own reality while using technology as the platform for personalized learning. It is supported by one-on-one academic guidance and a one-to-one computer system based on cloud technology that efficiently coordinates student achievement and engages students, school staff, parents, counselors and administrators.

FRE is different from other “personalized learning” concepts because it focuses on the learning process of each individual student, rather than personalization of content, which is what the vast majority of models do. The main tenet of the Fontan Relational Education model is its defined strategy to create learning autonomy, which is gained as students grow and evolve in their learning process.

Why Fontan Relational
Education Works

FRE is called “Relational” education because students move to the next topic in all subject areas only when they are able to “relate” everything they learn to their daily lives, increasing knowledge retention and their chances to succeed academically, developing true cognitive skills. Previous experience validates that FRE works equally well with students with disabilities, allowing them to perform as any student. Public schools using Fontan Relational Education have improved performance in as little as one year after adoption.

In 2015, schools with students learning under FRE saw achievements of:

  • Average of 40 percent increase
    in reading comprehension
  • 5 percent increase YOY
    (Year Over Year) in GPA
  • Dropout rates close to zero
  • No student failing
  • Academic performance Ratio of 1.029 against 0.36 of traditional education
  • 37 percent of students finishing a grade in seven months. Total average of students finishing a grade in nine months.

Personalized learning increases the success rate because it focuses on developing the specific potential of each student and creates a path for a life-long learning experience. It reflects what the word education really means from Latin: to bring out from within. Students practice every day, for 12 years, to achieve excellence in everything they do, to never leave gaps and always find meaning in what they learn. This will be reflected in their adult lives making them better professionals, better family members, and better citizens. The quality of their lives is directly linked to their relationship with the world.

How it Works

Under a specific school or an entire school district request, Learning One to One Foundation provides expert guidance for whole-school reform, teacher, parent, and student training to adopt FRE, an on-line app that enhances the students learning experience, and continuous support to improve academic and technology performance every day. FRE evolves every year, allowing educators to be prepared for students learning requirements in this never-ending transformation in the world.

For more information, visit or call Erika Twani, CEO of the Learning 1 to 1 Foundation at  (305) 205-1306 . You may also email

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