PowerGistics Towers for a seamless transition in modern classrooms


PowerGistics Towers simplify secure charging and storage of iPads, Chromebooks, and Laptops alike.

Traditional charging carts were creating extensive maintenance and repair issues for St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Wisconsin. When the issues became too much to handle, the private school located in Southeastern Wisconsin, began exploring other options for device storage – and for good reason.

St. Joseph’s School’s current cart could not be accommodated and was kept in the hallway outside of the classroom during school hours. Teachers also resorted to wheeling the cart in and out every day and night, due to a faulty locking mechanism, which eventually led to the wheels breaking as well. These components were clearly not designed to withstand years of typical wear and tear by students.

It’s because of these issues that Rhona Buchta, a middle school teacher for St. Joseph’s, started seeking a solution the first quarter of 2018. She needed something that differed from traditional charging carts.  It was at this time she found the Tower Series of products by PowerGistics. The search was now over.

“The search for something better had always been on my to do list. It seemed that all the options were the same and didn’t really offer what I needed. I had so many issues with my cart I didn’t want to just get another one from different maker,” Buchta said. “Everything was plastic, and the design was still bulky. It’s not very often that you can find something that hits all the marks, but PowerGistics Towers are built well and the vertical design really caught my attention.”

Quality of product, well thought out design, save time in the classroom

Prior to the installation of the tower, the students would wait in huddled masses around the cart trying to grab their device and get to their seat.

Now with the Tower, the vertical design allows students to easily access their assigned device and get on with their day.

Buchta admits this is a huge help, “Deploying devices was usually 10-15 minutes with our cart – depending on how badly the cords were tangled and how they were put away previously. I save so much time not having to check them every night before I leave.” She adds, “Now, I can glance across the room and see they are all plugged in and ready to go for the next day. No more dead chromebooks in the morning and having to figure out the lesson with one less device.”

PowerGistics’ well thought out and distinctive design saves time and money in the classroom. The vertical footprint takes less than a quarter of the square footage of our current charging cart.

At St. Joseph’s, storage shelves in the carts were hard to access, requiring students to bend down to plug in devices. This made them less apt to follow through when putting devices away.

PowerGistics’ cable management system has built-in cutouts specifically for device cables and takes away the inconveniences experienced by St. Joseph’s earlier in the year.

All towers have a surge protector tucked neatly into the back to protect students, allow for easy access to cables, and ensure devices lay in the natural flat position with their horizontal shelf design. In addition, the pinch point cable management system eliminates tangling and keeps cords separate from each other by designating each cord to the appropriate shelf.

PowerGistics Towers is an easy and seamless solution – allowing teachers to focus on teaching and not device management. “I didn’t realize how much time and energy I was wasting on tasks associated to having a cart!” says Buchta.   

She adds, “Tracking down our IT to get them to fix the cart, hauling it in and out twice daily and untangling cords would take me hours. I have so much more time to do what my actual job is. The Tower checks all the boxes for me! Hands down best made product in my classroom. It was a big plus for me that it was made in the USA. That was just a cherry on top!”

Buchta also stresses how much the towers are used by students “PowerGistics Towers are in two of our classrooms now and the ripple effect will continue as we start to change over device storage to Towers. Approximately 40 students are using them each day.”

Bottom-line benefits

Buchta says that since there is zero maintenance needed after installation of the Towers and rewiring of laptop carts is no longer necessary, the district can focus on the seamless flow of technology into the classroom. This includes more use of chromebooks as they have now become an easier tool to utilize in the classroom.

“PowerGistics Towers have checked all the boxes for us,” Buchta says.

For more information, visit www.powergistics.com 


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