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Wright Solutions Group is making data personal; they are using technology in a new way to ensure that teachers, administrators and parents have the exact data they need, when they need it to help improve learning outcomes for every child. Utilizing a powerful set of data visualization tools, they provide teachers, principals and district administrators with easy-to-use yet comprehensive analytic tools. This solution allows teachers to drill all the way down to an individual student’s response, while allowing superintendents to view all schools from a mile-high view.

These data visualization tools allow users to access rich performance data quickly so they can make informed decisions regarding the design and delivery of instruction, matching individual learner needs almost as they occur.

The challenge is gathering, processing, analyzing and then delivering the data in an actionable way in real time. Wright Solutions Group has solved this challenge by creating an elite team of highly skilled data analysts who work remotely in a mission control setting, directing the flow and efficacy of data for schools.

This elite Mission Control team creates data-driven intelligence regarding the academic progress and proficiency of students, schools and districts. The information is being used by teachers and school support staff to provide timely and meaningful intervention to ensure ongoing student success.

According to Pat Wright, president of Wright Solutions Group, “We know that individualized instruction is the most effective type of instruction and that data—detailed, accurate, daily, and in real-time—is the key to that individualization.” However, in the absence of timely analysis, the value of this data—teacher awareness of the changing needs of each student at any given time (and administration awareness of the circumstances driving school or district-wide progress at any given time)—becomes significantly diminished and student progress falls short of the goal. Wright has found that “Analyzing this data with a team of mission specialists and delivering it through a sophisticated dashboard allows teachers to personally help students how and when they need it, finally fulfilling the promise that actionable data can offer.”

Wright Solutions Group is currently helping a number of schools, and their Mission Control solution is getting excellent results. Christopher Zagacki, Head of School at Freire Charter Middle Schools says “Although this is the first year of implementation at Freire Charter Middle School, Mission Control has added great value to the intervention program within the school. The assessments gave the RTII team insight into the students’ strengths and deficits, allowing us to provide an appropriate level of individualized support . The training programs, monitored in real-time, have enhanced our RTII model significantly. We have seen significant progress in student performance, both in terms of grade level equivalent gains and improved confidence in all coursework.”

The Mission Control Solution is now available for your district. For information, call Pat Wright at 215-606-7244 and visit https://

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