Our Future Global Leaders


As educators, parents (and grandparents), it’s never too early to start our kids on the path to global learning within our own communities. Even in preschool, our children are learning valuable attributes such as compassion, respect for others, teamwork and versatile thinking.

Encouraging abstract or “outside the box” thinking not only impacts students as individuals, but it impacts their classmates, their future relationships, global relationships and the future of mankind as a whole.

Holistic education designed for a variety of learners in a culturally diverse setting is essential in fostering not only academic concepts, but the necessary values, morals and intrinsic appreciation of tomorrow’s leaders.

Learning to value individuals and their contributions, and understanding the impact we make on others instills a global mindset. We need more leaders that encourage understanding of the Gestalt Theory in education and socialization — “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” 

Understanding how one individual affects the whole is not a new concept, but merely an expanding one. We need to study and identify ways to improve global education and awareness to ensure the success of our children – not in the global marketplace – but in every aspect of their lives.

My granddaughter and her friend learning together at preschool.

We now have the tools and the technology to teach all our children to be global citizens. As a grandfather, I see my granddaughters growing up in a world that is very different than mine. They see a world that is connected and diverse, and wholly wonderful in all its parts. They are our future. And a very wonderful future it will be.


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