Located conveniently along the Mid-Atlantic coast, Norfolk, Virginia is the ideal destination for action-packed and affordable, educational tours. With an abundance of outdoor activities, historical and cultural attractions, this riverside city offers exciting choices for new learning! Let your students become researchers discovering the wonders of African wildlife at Norfolk’s Virginia Zoo. Students will learn how to do an observation by practicing in a classroom and then venturing out into the African exhibit.

Learners will also discover how animal populations interact in the wild or in a captive situation. Students can hop on the Norfolk Southern Express. Three cars can accommodate up to 66 passengers — adults and children. The ride includes live narration from the train engineer about the zoo and its collection of plants and animals.

Norfolk is earning its reputation as the glass capital of the Eastern Seaboard and is swiftly gaining notoriety as one of the major players in the worldwide glassmaking industry. The Chrysler Glass Studio, a 7,000 square foot studio, is a popular choice for hands on learning. The studio features public glassblowing demonstrations, classes, a Visiting Artist Series and an Artist in Residence program. Next door at the nationally-renowned Chrysler Museum of Art, you’ll find 5,000 years of art history and Walter P. Chrysler Jr.’s world-class collection of more than 30,000 works of art.

Students get to explore the nautical, naval and natural power of the sea at Nauticus, Norfolk’s interactive science maritime museum. This enormous science and technology center boasts over 150 interactive exhibits. Also located at Nauticus are the Hampton Roads Naval Museum and the historic Battleship Wisconsin, the largest battleship ever constructed by the U.S. Navy. For more nautical fun, students may climb aboard one of several harbor cruises including a learning adventure on the topsail schooner, American Rover, or a tour of the world’s largest naval base aboard the Victory Rover.

Consider visiting one of our outdoor classrooms while in Norfolk. With Norfolk’s mild climate students can discover nature at the World of Wonders — the largest children’s adventure garden on the East Coast and one of over 20 themed gardens featured at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Norfolk is also home to many sites that helped shape the history of the United States. Students can not only read about the Revolutionary War, but they can also visit St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, where a cannonball from the Battle of Great Bridge remains lodged in one of the church’s original walls. While walking along the city’s heritage trail, known as the Cannonball Trail, visitors can also experience more than 40 historic sites woven throughout downtown Norfolk. MacArthur Memorial, the final resting place for General Douglas MacArthur and his wife, help bright minds delve deeper into Norfolk’s military history.

Getting around the city has never been easier with Virginia’s first light rail system, The Tide. For more information on Norfolk attractions or student programs, please contact 800-368-3097 or visit,

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