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For the past five years, PEG Writing – an award-winning automated scoring software by Measurement Incorporated – became a trusted name in formative writing assessment. Last year, over 10,000 teachers and 350,000 students across the country used PEG Writing to improve writing fundamentals and engage in the writing process. With over 6.8 million drafts and 1.4 million scored essays, school districts saw significant growth in writing skills and improvements on yearly assessments.

With success like this, and feedback from our users, we’ve upgraded the PEG Writing platform you know and love to MI Write.

MI Write, like PEG Writing, is a web-based learning environment for students in grades 3-12. The new platform will still help students improve their writing, present timely feedback, and provide guided support anytime and anywhere. We’ve simply given our software a face lift and a few enhancements to increase student engagement, align more closely with current pedagogical practices, and improve overall performance.

A few key enhancements you can expect from MI Write:

  • Customizable peer review. Our new peer review system consists of genre- and grade-specific questions that allow students to think more critically about their peer’s work as well as their own.
  • Student modeling accounts. Teachers can now walk through the writing and revision process alongside their students with a fully functioning student modeling account that comes with every teacher account.

Why MI Write?

MI Write, and its sister software, MI Tutor, are designed to
address the two biggest challenges teachers face when it comes to writing instruction:

  • Lack of time to teach the writing process and provide meaningful feedback
  • A lack of resources to provide engaging writing opportunities

With MI Write, teachers can focus on content, argument, and narrative structure while letting the automated scoring engine focus on the fundamentals. Teachers can tailor their feedback to guide individual writing conferences with students. MI Write also allows teachers to form student writing groups based on student skills or content and encourage effective collaborative work.

For students, MI Write’s instant and individualized feedback provides recommendations as they work through the many drafts of the writing process. This feedback allows students to progress through all of their drafts more easily and enables teachers to make more targeted comments about their writing.

The pre-packaged prompts and stimulus materials within MI Write, as well as the lessons that come standard with every subscription, provide a wealth of content that helps students stay engaged in the writing process. And, with the 24/7 access MI Write provides, students no longer lose valuable class time due to inclement weather or illness. They can remain engaged in the writing process no matter where they are.

MI Write, with its research-backed foundations and proven effective results, will help ensure your students are getting the writing instruction and practice they need to be successful. The authentic writing experience MI Write provides will also support your students in performing at or above their expected grade level. Contact us today to learn how we can become your partner in effective writing practice.  

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