Managing the Safety of your Students and the Security of the Campus Environment


One of the major areas of concentration across the country today is the safety and security of your students and the schools campus environment. The management of student movement, campus activities, facility visitors and proper planning in case of emergencies is essential to any school’s safety protocol.

Safeschools Campus Management is a Modular and Scalable Student Safety and Campus Management System Designed for use in all School Environments.

Security challenges need to be addressed and the utilization of advanced technology has become a necessity in todays school settings.Along with instant parental notifications and alerts, administrators now have the ability to better manage student movement, monitor attendance, coordinate school based activities and protect against unauthorized campus visitors. These are some of the challenges that SafeSchools Campus Management can help school administrators address.

Flexibility for Every Environment

The SafeSchools Campus Management system is a modular and scalable student monitoring and management system that has been developed for use in all school environments including pre-school, elementary, middle and high schools This approach allows the school administrators to configure and implement those modules that will help them address thier specific needs.

Visitor Security

The Campus Visitor module has been designed to help regulate and manage outside visitors to the campus facilities and grounds. While making sure that each visitor is properly registered as they enter the campus, the system also has the ability to verify that the individual requesting admittance is lawfully authorized and permitted to be on campus. By scanning the individual’s Driver’s License or manually entering the information into the SafeSchools system, name queries can be run against specific informational resources, such as the Megan’s Law database to guarantee there are no legal limitations or other concerns on allowing that individual to enter the campus. Upon clearance the information is recorded into a visitors log and a Visitors badge is printed with name and destination along with any other pertinent information. A timer is set to monitor the visitor and to provide a alert if they are not properly checked out at the end of the campus visit.

Student Monitoring and Alerts

The system allows students to easily check-in and check-out of school when authorized by or being removed by a parent. The student’s ID card is scanned and an immediate text or email alert is sent to the parent or guardian to notify them of student activity.

Each parent is provided with a secure login to the systems Parent Portal. This Portal will allow parents and guardians to identify and authorize emergency contacts and input other vital information. This area also allows the parent to set alert levels based upon the students activities and permissions.

Events Management

The Events Management module has been designed to allow school administration and student activities organizations to better manage student access and attendance for many different types of school events. These events may include on campus activities such as dances, football or basketball games, plays, PTA/PTC meetings or other types of activities. This feature allows the administration to pre sell tickets, control student reentry, monitor ineligible students and document off campus visitors or guests. The system also supports mobile scanning devices for use away from normal school buildings.




Specialized Event Applications


Many schools must log and track students and faculty during testing or advanced training sessions. The SafeSchools system permits the users to set up events that allows students, administrators, teachers or visitors to be scanned and logged into and out of testing or training sessions. This automated system eliminates the need to upload hand written logs and results into other school systems and provides comprehensive reports of attendance and completion.

Transportation Support

SafeSchools can support student transportation systems in both fixed and variable route systems. Students can be scanned onto and off of buses or other transportation vehicles with the information being logged with an instant notification being sent to the parent to let them know the student has been scanned onto or off of the bus. If the transportation system is also equipped with an AVL/GPS system, the student data may be transmitted to the dispatch center.




Emergency Management


One of the most important and critical functions in the SafeSchools system is the Emergency Management Module. In case of an emergency situation requiring the immediate sheltering, evacuation, or relocation of students, SafeSchools provides school administrators, campus police, or local law enforcement the ability to instantaneously access and view school and student information from all facilities within a school, group, or district locally or remotely. In addition, the system provides a comprehensive Student/Parent Reunification process to automatically validate, process and document the release of students to parents or guardians after an incident.

Parent / Student Reunification

The Emergency Management module includes a comprehensive student/ parent reunification process utilizing the existing SafeSchools resources.

Once the students have been evacuated and moved to secure into the holding location, they are logged in and parents will receive an alert notification that the student is accounted for and being held for pickup.


The SafeSchools Mobile Campus Monitor allows the extension of these capabilities throughout the remote areas of campus or for use at off campus events such as stadiums, arenas or on student field trips. The mobile device will provide full function student ID scanning capability and the same interface into existing informational databases.

SIS Integration




The SafeSchools system also integrates through a common interface with most existing SIS (Student Information Systems) to allow the sharing of vital student information. This integration may also allow single sign-on capabilities between the SafeSchools and SIS Parent Portals to simplify the management of student information.


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