The beautiful charm of Europe meets an unparalleled mixture of thrill rides and adventure at Busch Gardens Williamsburg®. The Virginia theme park has something for everyone with world-class roller coasters, captivating shows and exciting animal encounters. The park’s collection of educational programs is designed to help educators turn the world’s most beautiful theme park into a classroom of wild and thrilling proportions. Students can soar like eagles and roam like wolves while they experience what they’ve only ever read about in textbooks. With something amazing around every corner, classes will come together like never before. The best part: Busch Gardens is designed to fit within the school day.

Experience a wild new kind of learning with add-on programs for an unforgettable adventure throughout the day. Exceed expectations with one-of-a-kind educational experiences that can only be found at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Take physics to a new level with Launch Into Physics during the spring. Students don’t just learn about free fall and acceleration, they can experience it first-hand aboard Griffon®, just one of the park’s thrill coasters. Get the V.I.P. treatment and go behind the scenes with Busch Gardens’ zoological team and live entertainers. Through Conservation Counts, students can learn the importance of conservation in a fun and memorable way, with up-close experiences with the park’s animal ambassadors. Raptors, wolves, reptiles and creatures of all shapes and sizes help to illustrate the integral part animals play in the ecosystem. Classes can have a show-stopping time with an Entertainment Day. Beyond touring the shows of Busch Gardens, this program also offers a behind-the-scenes look at stage artistry and production.

After the educational portion of the day is over, students – and educators- can unwind and explore the fun of two great parks. Treat the class to an oasis of fun at Water Country USA®, Virginia’s largest water park. Just around the corner from Busch Gardens®, enjoy exhilarating rides and chilling slides in a cool beach vibe. Stay cool and splash in the wave pool, then take an adventure down a not-so-lazy river. Water Country USA is overflowing with sun-drenched fun for every student. Or, stay at Busch Gardens and dare to loop-the-loop aboard Tempesto™, grab a bite of world-class dining, relax during a high-caliber show and take home a photo to relive the experience.

For more than 30 years, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA have been opening students’ eyes and minds with standards-based programs. The parks have built programs that use inquiry-based methods to help children learn through interdisciplinary discovery. The results? Students feel empowered to make a difference. From curious kindergarteners to career-minded high schoolers, Busch Gardens’ programs bring learning to life.

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