EMPOWERED is a vastly different, nonlinear learning solution that offers students a way to learn that is best suited to them. After more than three years of development by a team of 500 developers, teachers and education experts, EMPOWERED is now available to districts nationwide.

“This letter is to certify EdGate has performed a high-level, uncompromising review of Lincoln Learning Solutions’ standards-based curriculum. Our team of highly qualified subject experts carried out an in-depth correlation that entailed the utmost care and rigidity in reviewing the details of each course. During this review, our experts identified and applied the standards to which each learning objective is associated. By having these learning objectives aligned to standards, end users could create a custom course(s) by combining the learning objectives in an order that meets their specific classroom needs and required standards.”— EdGate

Lincoln Learning Solutions built EMPOWERED “from the standards up” to cover state and national standards across all subjects and grade levels.

Based in Rochester, Pennsylvania, Lincoln Learning Solutions (formerly the National Network of Digital Schools Management Foundation) is a nonprofit organization offering a continuum of personalized learning solutions to students of all ages and from all walks of life. The company was founded in 2005 to develop and deliver online curriculum to the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and help schools and communities throughout the United States leverage the power of the burgeoning online learning model.

The company’s first flagship product, Lincoln Interactive, was a PreK-12 online curriculum that helped to redefine the parameters of public education by delivering a highly personalized experience to students. In just five years, Lincoln Interactive garnered national recognition and went from being used by a handful of local clients to serving the needs of nearly 250 schools, districts, and educational consortiums across 22 states and two continents. Today, with annual revenues approaching $60 million, Lincoln Learning Solutions employs more than 300 full- and part-time staff and maintains a vast network of course developers, content specialists, and educational consultants throughout the world. Through its grants and donations programs, Lincoln Learning Solutions continues to invest millions of dollars in American schools and communities.

With an eye toward continued innovation and growth, and in response to significant changes in the national education landscape, Lincoln Learning Solutions has completed a comprehensive redevelopment of its PreK-12 curriculum. The new curriculum, EMPOWERED is designed to provide the most adaptable blended learning solutions for teachers and students. Major strengths of EMPOWERED include:

Unappalled flexibility

Whether a district is looking for a single course, looking to implement an entire online program, or an individual school is looking to supplement their offerings with specific programs (Credit recovery, test prep, etc.), the structure of EMPOWERED courses allows districts and schools the flexibility to implement the best way they see fit.

The Human Element

From their team of certified teachers, to their training and professional development staff, to their customer service department, their team stays in touch to insure your students’ success.

Fully integrated validated assessment bank

Through their partnership with Certica Solutions, and the ability to integrate their validated assessment bank, students are virtually practicing their end of year high stakes state assessments… without even knowing they are doing it.

Structured Course Navigation

The uniquely designed navigation allows flexibility for students, but is structured enough to ensure they have the knowledge to move forward. LINCOLN Learning refers to this as the “rhythm of learning.” The goal is to make the technology disappear so students can focus on course content.

Even after an exhaustive three year development phase, Lincoln Learning Solutions will continue to enhance and develop EMPOWERED, keeping all coursework current. EMPOWERED was built by teachers and created for students, which was their mantra through the entire development process. The result is teachers, fully equipped with the best content and tools for learning, providing the skilled and caring guidance students need to be successful. Students who are engaged and connected, creating their personal pathways to learning and blazing their own unique trails to mastery.

EmpowerED features:

  • 5,000 ALIGNED STANDARDS  – Built “from the standards up, “EMPOWERED covers state and national standards across all subjects and grade levels.
  • 183,000 UNIQUE MEDIA FILES EMPOWERED –  media features range from broadcast-quality
  • Instructional videos and audio files to engaging games, simulations, literary works, and images.
  • 105,000 LEARNING OBJECTS – Using different types of learning objects in each lesson, EMPOWERED gives students multiple ways to engage with, understand, and demonstrate mastery of the content.
  • DEVELOPERS – An online curriculum built by teachers, created for students, EMPOWERED was built by a world-class team of subject matter experts, instructional designers, multimedia producers, and course developers.
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