It’s the final year to bring your students on a journey to the island of Madagascar, right here in South Carolina. On exhibit now through summer 2016, Madagascar Journey showcases four unique habitats found on the island of Madagascar: the Spiny Forest, the Tsingy, the Rainforest and the Mangroves.

When visiting Madagascar, students will come face-to-face with lemurs, eye-to-eye with chameleons and nose-to-nose with some of the world’s most colorful fish. The island’s biodiversity is unparalleled and includes many species that are found nowhere else on earth. And this year a new species will take up residence in the largest exhibit in Madagascar Journey: the red ruffed lemur.

The two new red ruffed lemurs will call the South Carolina Aquarium home for the next year. These large lemurs have thick coats of chestnut red fur and long, black tails, and they may be seen leaping from branch to branch in playful acrobatic displays.

In Madagascar Journey, students can also learn about the distinctive island of Madagascar at interactive stations. Each student receives a passport to stamp at unique modules throughout the gallery, experiencing not only the sights but also the smells and sounds of the Madagascar rainforest. Children also delight in make believe play inside the life-size safari Jeep and in the “Mini-gascar” play area especially for the youngest visitors.

Don’t let your opportunity leap by to experience Madagascar Journey. Contact the South Carolina Aquarium at 843-577-FISH (3474) to plan your adventure.

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