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Jump into the world’s biggest box of LEGO® bricks and take your students to the ultimate LEGO classroom at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Atlanta. Located inside Phipps Plaza in Buckhead, Atlanta, we have constructed the quintessential educational entertainment experience, bringing interactive opportunities to LEGO lovers across the region. 

Featuring 35,000 square feet of adventure, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta offers an educational voyage, ideal for students ages three to 10 years old.  Featuring 12 great attractions, all included in the price of Admission, this two to three hour indoor experience is the perfect option for field trips. 

Guests can reach out and touch the stars in the 4D Cinema, see iconic Atlanta landmarks in MINILAND, climb aboard a pirate ship in Pirate Adventure Island, save the princess on the LEGO themed Kingdom Quest ride, learn how LEGO bricks are made in the Factory Tour, build racecars at Build and Test, learn how to build a stable tower on the Earthquake Tables, pedal to the sky on the LEGO themed Merlin’s Apprentice ride, and much more! 

Inspire your students’ imaginations with educational play that harnesses the limitless creative possibilities of LEGO bricks. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta offers hands-on curriculum including science, mathematics, language arts and more, while building and reinforcing collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. With over two million LEGO bricks under one roof, the sky’s the limit. 

LEGOLAND Discovery Center and LEGO Education have teamed up to offer educational workshops to teachers. The addition of LEGO Education’s tried and true learning resources offers you an ideal place to let your class experience a world of fun and creativity while developing important 21st Century skills. With five different educational workshops to select from geared towards specific grade levels, teachers have a variety of options for their class and they meet NGSS and CCSS standards. 

Teachers with students Pre-K to first grade can select from our Spinning Tops and Seasons workshops. Focusing on Engineering, Design and Mathematics, the Spinning Tops workshop addresses NGSS and CCSS standards. In this exciting workshop students build LEGO spinning tops, collect data on whose design spins the longest, while also learning about the forces that affect their tops performance. Focusing on Science, Speaking and Listening, the Seasons workshop addresses CSS and SL anchor standards. Help your early years’ students learn about the seasons the hands-on way.  In this workshop students will build and share what they know about the current season; leading to a discussion on weather changes and important seasonal activities and events. 

Teachers with second and third grade students can select from our Spin the Gears and What a Great Experience workshops. Focusing on Engineering, Design and Mathematics, the Spin the Gears workshop addresses NGSS and CCSS standards. In this workshop students will build a series of models and experiment with gears exploring the difference between drive vs. driven gears, clockwise vs. counterclockwise, and discovering the concepts of effort and force. Focusing on English and Language Arts, the What a Great Experience workshop addresses NGSS and CCSS standards. Engaging students in reading and writing can be a challenge, but not when they build and tell their story using LEGO bricks. In this workshop, students will take inspiration from MINILAND and recount an experience they’ve had in their city, building their characters, setting and plot using LEGO elements. They’ll also write about their experience using their model as a visual referencing tool and share their story with others. 

Teachers with fourth to sixth grade students can select our Merry Go Round workshop, focusing on Engineering, Design and Mathematics. This workshop provides a fun, hands-on way to get students excited about engineering and design. Students build a LEGO merry-go-round to explore ratios then experiment with gear trains to see which combination enables their ride to spin the fastest. 

Admission to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta for field trips is a competitive $7 per student, with one free teacher per five students booked. We offer a discounted $10 price per adult for any chaperones that are not included in the free ticket ratio. Our LEGO Education workshops are an additional $3 per student but are offered for free during select months in the school year. In addition to our LEGO Education workshop selection, we offer a variety of meal options in our LEGO Café, each at $5 per student.  LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta makes booking your class field trip easy. Visit our website to fill out an inquiry form or download the registration form when ready to book: We also welcome all inquiries via phone at 404-848-9252. 

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