Journey into the Past


You want your students to connect with American history: the sources of our democratic values, how our lives have changed over time, and how the choices of citizens shaped the outcome. Nothing was inevitable.

But you also want them to have fun, to be engaged.

It’s all here, ready to be discovered. Colonial Williamsburg offers customized hands-on school and group visits in the city where George Washington first took elective office, Thomas Jefferson learned law, and Patrick Henry spoke out against the Stamp Act. 

But also, it’s a city where half the population was enslaved and dissenters had to fight for religious freedom.

See the full picture. Let your students participate in revolutionary debates, explore our historic trades, and see the work — and play — of daily life in the 18th century.

We’ve got everything covered. Whether you’re trying to meet specific academic tandards or just offer a more enriching experience, plan a visit that suits your educational priorities — then relax, knowing that our skilled historical interpreters will lead your group on a memorable journey into the past.

To begin planning your students’ Colonial Williamsburg adventure, call us at 800-228-8878, email, or visit

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