It’s Time to Get Serious about School Safety


Even with the unprecedented amount of money available in the 2018/2019 academic year for school safety and security, most schools will not reach a level of sustainable safety. 

The simple truth is that money is not the answer to our school security problem. Knowledge is. The ability to see the whole picture and execute a plan that includes all the best available resources administered by leading security experts is essential.

Alliance Technology Group is a systems integration and Information Technology provider with 12 regional locations across America and a physical presence in every state.  They have Fortune 500 commercial customers, higher education customers like the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Medical Center, and school systems including Anne Arundel County Schools and Prince George County (Maryland).  They also keep over 200 government agencies and departments safe, most notably the Federal Reserve, the Department of Energy, the FBI and the Department of Defense.

Physical Security: Vigilant Platforms

Alliance knows that technology plays a critical role in physical security. The Internet of Things fundamentally changes how schools need to protect people, property and assets. Alliance Technology’s Vigilant Platforms division integrates the latest technologies into the school environment to ensure they have the highest level of security and emergency response functionality that can include various sensors, biometrics and the best analytics in the industry. Vigilant designs and implements solutions for video surveillance, access control and biometrics, visitor management, credentialing and badging, command and control centers, situational awareness, mobile emergency communications, visualization, LPR, and emergency notification with the corresponding and best IT infrastructure.  Their background in high-level government security makes Alliance Technologies the best systems integration choice for schools to meet the needs of an ever-increasing and demanding technology environment.

See Everything, Defend, React

Vigilant Platforms ensures organizations have the appropriate layers of technologies to protect their students and staff, as well as the organization’s property and assets. Vigilant gives school systems full situational awareness. This includes multiple layer perimeter defenses, fully integrated multi-domain communication capability even in the harshest environments and the ability to appropriately react. 

The Roadmap: From Where You are to Where You Need to Be

Vigilant Platform’s team of experts can help your school or district develop and implement an enterprise wide strategy to integrate new technologies into your existing physical security infrastructure. The Roadmap serves as a long-term integrated physical security plan, allowing your organization to seamlessly add additional layers of defense over time. Understanding, evaluating and integrating the latest security technologies into a school’s existing infrastructure can be overwhelming. Alliance Technology Group and its Vigilant Platform has experienced engineers that can assess your current environment and seamlessly integrate the solution into your existing infrastructure, then train your staff for operational excellence.

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