SEEN Issue 22.2 Fall 2020

Coding Empowers Students

Anjali Dighe With the increasing impact of technology in nearly every sector of the global business environment, coding has become a necessary language and skillset

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COVID-19 Teacher Survey

Few professions have been as heavily impacted by the pandemic as teaching. On top of budget shortfalls and widening equity gaps, social-distancing measures have forced

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Emergency Preparedness

What Schools Should Now Know 101 Having an emergency preparedness plan in place is expected of all school districts and facilities. It’s expected, as well,

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The 5 Pillars of Impactful Leadership Dean J. Fusto She shared, with surprising calm, that the winds had brought down three immense Cedar trees at

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Letter From The Editor

Sherry Brooks Managing Editor Congratulations on making it through the 2019-2020 school year. Most of you were thrown into a teaching situation this past spring

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Social Emotional Solutions:

Evaluating School Climate Using Adaptive and Innovative Technology Adam Rockenbach Surveys are a critical part of early intervention and school improvement strategies. But the survey

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