SEEN Issue 21.2 Fall 2019

A is for Apple

Healthy Habits for Educators We just finished talking about nutrition and the students’ brain. But how does nutrition affect you as a teacher? When you’re

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Field Trips

Field trips are a wonderful opportunity for experience and exposure that simply can’t be gained within a classroom. Whether to a park, a zoo, a

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Fire Safety In Schools:

What Your Facilities Need To Have In Place Today educational facilities are re-vamped with wonderful aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology, but oftentimes the basic facility needs

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Enrolled in a graduate program? Thinking about getting that post-master’s certificate? You’re not alone. Every year educators from all fields look for new graduate programs,

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Run. Hide. Fight

Kevin Davis, J.D., CPP Run. Hide. Fight is a popular active shooter preparedness system many schools throughout the United States use to train their students

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Shaping the Future

How Does 3D Printing Shape A Student’s Education? Dremel Digilab 3D Printing Facilitates Experiential Learning in K-20 Classrooms The 21st-century is proving to be a

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Transgender Teens

New Challenges for Teachers in a New World Chicken Soup for the Soul I want to talk about a whole new challenge for teachers: making

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What’s Happening in Schools in 2019-2020 Equity: Equity has been the buzzword on the lips of educators for some years now, but that does not

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Twice Exceptional: Gifted Chaos

The Intersection of Giftedness and Learning Disabilities Timothy Gangwer, M.A. Twice-exceptional students, often abbreviated as “2e,” are high ability children with varying learning disabilities. They

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Vaping Epidemic

Middle School and High School Students Show Extreme Increase in E-Cigarette Use By Melissa O’Brien In the early 1800s, cigarettes became popular in the United

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Virtual Reality:

An Innovative Vision for Education Dr. Eric D. Marvin Many of us recall the old Victorian era stereoscopes and View Masters of prior decades. Still

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