Issue 18.3 (Winter 2017)

The New First “R”

By Steve Peha In the era of ed reform, redefining the Three R’s is a political pastime. “Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships” seems to be a

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Eastern Kentucky Online


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The Citie of Henricus:

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF POCAHONTAS Henricus Historical Park, a living history museum located on the James River 20 minutes from downtown Richmond, Virginia, re-creates

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Pocono Mountains

Adventurous, authentic, and natural, visit the Pocono Mountains for an easy access and affordable student trip. Make our 2400 square miles your outdoor classroom where

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Colonial Williamsburg

You don’t need a DeLorean to travel back in time! The past comes alive at the world’s largest living history museum, Colonial Williamsburg. Take your

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Fires on the Water

By Laura Parker Roerden In the late 1960s, a fire on the Cuyohoga River in Cleveland as a result of industrial pollution became a galvanizing

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Language Variation

What’s an Educator to do? By Maura Jones Moyle You are an educator and the students in your classroom come from diverse backgrounds. You notice

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University of the Ozarks

TRANSFORMING LIVES At University of the Ozarks, degrees are handcrafted, in intimate classes that allow professors to get to know each student and help them

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Classroom Management

Teachers’ Misconceptions Donald F. Perras, Ph.D. Schools with historically depressed academic performance are especially impacted by this scenario. This pattern of coping with challenging school

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