Inspiring Conservation at the South Carolina Aquarium

Students who visit the South Carolina Aquarium with their classes take back an important message to protect nature and practice conservation of the natural world. The fun shows and interactive exhibits at the aquarium are designed to deliver more than just smiles to your students. Each of these activities helps your students make a connection with water, wildlife and wild places and learn to be good stewards to the environment.

Each of the programs offered by the South Carolina Aquarium is led by trained educators and reinforces South Carolina’s core curriculum science standards. Students learn about the geographical regions of the state, the unique species that call each region home, and the relationships between animals and their environments. When students learn by experiencing animals with sight, sound and touch, they gain a greater understanding of why it’s important to protect them. The lessons learned from these experiences last a lifetime.

To share one of South Carolina’s most important conservation messages with students, add a behind-the-scenes tour of the Sea Turtle Hospital to your trip. Our Sea Turtle Hospital is the only dedicated facility in the state that rehabilitates sick and injured sea turtles. All seven species of sea turtles are federally listed as endangered or threatened. When you visit the Sea Turtle Hospital, you’ll learn about our current patients and discover the extraordinary care that is provided to these charismatic animals.

The South Carolina Aquarium’s conservation work doesn’t end at the doors of our building, and neither should your students’ experience. Before and after a visit to the aquarium, you can provide your students with additional opportunities to conserve and protect nature around them.

One of our favorite ways that people of all ages can contribute to caring for the environment is a river clean up or a beach sweep. Do you know that 80 percent of the litter in the ocean originates on land? Whether your community is in the mountains near the water’s source or on the coast where rivers meet the ocean, you can make a difference. As a group, collect trash and debris from a local waterway. When you are finished, analyze the items you have collected. Discuss where the trash originated and brainstorm ideas to prevent trash from entering waterways in the future. Don’t forget to properly dispose of all items when you are finished.

Your class can go a step further by fundraising for our Sea Turtle Rescue Program. Whether your class chooses to conduct a read-a-thon, hold a bake sale or apply another talent to raise money, your students’ contribution will benefit our critical work to save sea turtles. The funds your class contributes may even be applied toward symbolically adopting a sea turtle as a classroom.

Make the South Carolina Aquarium part of your field trip plans to inspire your students to protect and conserve the natural world. Call 843-577-FISH (3474) or visit for more information.

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