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“Meet George Jetson….”

Welcome to the STEM Issue!

Who knew a 1960s cartoon would someday mirror real life in 2019 and beyond?  Well, a lot of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and artists knew then that this was the future. They were just waiting for the rest of us to catch up.  And catching up is what we’re doing now — by focusing on STEM, STEAM and STREAM education in our schools.

STEM and STEAM have been primary initiatives in the K12 education world for a little over a decade now, and it’s not slowing down. In fact, it seems as if the “movement” is only picking up traction. The U.S. Department of Commerce said, from 2008 to 2018, STEM jobs were expected to grow 17.0 percent compared to just 9.8 percent for non-STEM jobs. The growth expectations for 2019 and beyond are even more staggering — with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics saying jobs in STEM fields will grow to more than 9 million by 2022.

But should this job/career growth be surprising to us? After all, almost everything we do in our everyday lives is based on all of the STEM and STEAM (also STREAM) disciplines. And in order to move forward in our society, there is a need to prepare a new crop of curious thinkers to move us to the Jetson-type of world we’re currently headed towards. Just how do we prepare our students for these types of careers? Some would say by: re-evaluating our approach in how we teach STEM subjects, looking at how we embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the classroom and learning more about coding. 

In our upcoming feature articles, educators and scientists will tackle each of these claims and give their take on how our schools are preparing students for a new reality.

In this issue of SEEN, we will also discuss the effects of STEM in sports and sports organizations/venues. This will be an exciting and ongoing series SEEN will explore as we learn more about how our favorite pastimes are more intertwined in STEM than we may think. Sports fan or educator (or if you’re both), you don’t want to miss this series!

STEM also touches our education facilities. The Spring/Summer months are great for discussions and planning for greener facilities that accelerate the health and technologies of our schools and school districts.

Finally, warm weather really does call for travel. We’re taking you on explorations around the Southeast region and beyond. Get your bags ready for fun and sun!

I want to wish you all a great close of the school year and a great, safe summer!


Deirdre Edwards


SEEN Magazine


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