Honoring Educators for Hidden Moments of Greatness


I’ve observed two contrary facts about educators:

  1. Few people have the amount of influence that educators have. Most of you handle that responsibility with extraordinary performance.
  2. Few educators get the honor that they deserve. Your greatness comes in unseen, thankless moments. Most of your best moments are kept secret.

For 30 years, my family and I have worked alongside you, the teacher. We have watched what you do—and who you are—when no one is looking.

You don’t work for accolades or attention, but I believe you deserve to be honored. I’d like to share a few stories of the greatness we see in you…

You sacrifice time, sleep, and money to benefit the students.

Gretchen called early one morning. Her tired voice was evidence that instead of sleeping, she spent the night proofing and finalizing the student newspaper.

Gretchen was determined to submit the order to us before the deadline so students would receive the newspaper on time. This newspaper, by the way, was extra-curricular, which meant being the Newspaper Adviser was not part of her paid responsibilities. Additionally, the student paper was not paid for by the school. She was hustling to find publishing funds from various sources. I’m certain, she was one of those “various sources.” Gretchen, we honor you!

Gretchen is not the only one. We see many of you spending personal money on supplies, giving up your free time, sacrificing in countless ways. We honor you!

You pursue excellence and train others to do the same.

Jennifer has been the student newspaper adviser for 83 editions—over 8 years. Her students are guided to deliver excellence in every aspect of journalism operation. By now, Jennifer’s reputation is established, and some people might be tempted to coast. She isn’t. Weeks ago, Jennifer called us and spent over three hours on the phone with our tech support learning advanced photo editing. She wanted the publication to look great, but she also wanted to be empowered to teach others. Now Jen and the students can use these advanced editing skills. Jennifer, we honor you!

Many of you are like Jennifer. You live and breathe the ideals of growth, advancement, and excellence. We honor you!

I don’t have enough space to share all that we’ve observed. But there are so many others that deserve honor…

Childs, you consistently ensure the work is done right and on time. You don’t leave the outcome to chance, and you’re always willing to put in the effort required.

Gary, you are a supportive and encouraging Principal. Liz was terrified when she took over the literary magazine. With your help, she teaches with confidence.

Bill, you are faithful. For 18 years, we’ve watched you serve. Year after year, you help students discover and showcase their talents.

I have enough memories to go on for pages, but not enough pages to honor you properly.

We use more than words to honor you.

At SchoolPrinting.com, we serve you by mirroring you. My staff and I see your greatness, and we try to support you in your work by being just like you.

As a print company, we put ink on just about everything. We keep prices very low. Our turnaround time is insane. Our resources are extensive. None of that is our strong point.

What you will love about my team is that we see you, we understand you, and we work alongside you to accomplish your task.

We try to serve you the same way that you serve others. That is our favorite way to say, “We honor you!”

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