Historic Camden


At Historic Camden, the Colonial world and the American Revolution come to life for students during school tours offered all year round. 

Our two-hour long tour will help teachers meet state standards for Social Studies courses that focus on the American Revolution, the settlement of South Carolina, and early American history and culture, especially third grade, fourth grade, eighth grade, and US History course in South Carolina.

The school tour program at Historic Camden consists of four informative and hands-on stations that small groups rotate between, giving everyone a chance to participate. The stations are a tour of the Kershaw-Cornwallis House, Quill Writing, a tour of the Lower Grounds, and Colonial.

  • Tour of the Kershaw-Cornwallis House – This mansion was reconstructed on the site of Camden founding father Joseph Kershaw’s original 1770s mansion and where British General Cornwallis had his headquarters during the occupation of Camden in 1780-81. Students learn about the American Revolution and how it affected the backcountry. Once the students have toured the house, they learn about Colonial period dress, such as what the Kershaws would have worn, what a solider would have worn, what a towns person from Camden would have worn, and so on. The children can even try on some of these pieces of clothing!
  • Quill Writing Station – Students learn about ink and quill writing, then they get to write with a quill themselves! Students can take home their writing as a souvenir. 
  • Tour of the Lower Grounds – Students learn about Colonial life and culture, including transportation, Colonial trades such as blacksmithing, crime and punishment, the workings of a colonial home and more. They will visit one of two remaining 18th-century houses that remain in Camden, a functioning blacksmith shed, and they will see what it feels like to be locked up in stocks and pillory demonstrations.
  • Colonial Games – This station teaches children about their Colonial counterparts—what children their age or younger would have been playing with if they were not working. Students will have a chance to play with Colonial toys! They will also watch a brief video about the site, the Battle of Camden, and Camden’s Colonial history.

Tours cost $6 per student, $3 per chaperone, and teachers are free! Historic Camden can accommodate 100 students, which are broken up into smaller groups for each station. Tours are offered on weekdays.

The tour is two hours long. There are picnic facilities available for classes to eat lunch in the park. (Food is not provided by Historic Camden, and trash will need to be taken off site.) The gift shop is also open for students to purchase Colonial toys, quill pens, tri-corner hats, books, and other gifts. Teachers and facilitators should plan on a three-hour stay at Historic Camden if lunch and shopping are requested.  

To schedule a school tour, contact our office at (803) 432-9841 or email us/our Site Coordinator at elyse@historiccamden.org. Tours are booked on a first-come first-served basis, and reservations are needed four weeks in advance. Historic Camden is located at 222 Broad Street, Camden, SC 29020. 

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