Hill’s Essential Guide Chosen as College Textbook


Denver, CO – May 21, 2018 – The Essential Guide to School Facility Planning: Using a Strategic Process to Save Time and Money, by Denny Hill, has been chosen as the exclusive required textbook for a college level school facility leadership course. The first offering of that course, EDAD 832: School Facility Leadership, is scheduled to start June 11 at the University of South Dakota. Designed for individuals in school leadership positions and taught by Dr. Jerry Rasmussen, it will emphasize educational facility planning for remodeling and new construction, and facility operation and maintenance. Students will be required to include citations from the book in their written assignments. School Business Administration is a prerequisite for this course.

Originally written for public school districts, The Essential Guide to School Facility Planning was released in 2016. It walks readers through a seven-step facility planning process developed by Hill, based on more than 30 years of work with school districts, to make the complex task of school facility planning and construction more manageable, efficient and cost effective. It includes methods to “program” schools to meet a district’s educational needs and to extend the usable life of school buildings. The process is illustrated with numerous real-life case studies and the book includes many valuable documents and examples in the appendices.

For more than 30 years, Denny Hill’s work has focused on laying a great foundation for education. Through the company he founded in 1996, Strategic Resources West, Inc., Denny has developed an approach that is both flexible and focused, to assist with the creation, design, or redevelopment of K-12 educational facilities. He recently authored the book, The Essential Guide to School Facility Planning, guiding school boards in his 7-step strategic process to save districts time and money. Denny currently is Advising Consultant for School Planning Advisory Services (www.schoolplanningadvisor.com), helping superintendents, CFOs, and other school district personnel achieve their districts’ objectives.


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