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Great Leaps is a mission driven company fueled by a passion for equipping students for success through simple, effective and fun educational interventions. We have effective language and math interventions but are best known for our one-on-one Reading Intervention. For 20+ years, hundreds of thousands of students with a range of challenges including dyslexia have been to the independent reading level in 15 minutes a day with Great Leaps.

The Great Leaps Language Growth intervention is perfect for head start programs and students with language deficiencies. This builds a foundation for emergent readers. 
Great Leaps Oral Calculation series is targeted towards students who are not yet proficient in their basic math skills. 
How does it work?
A student using Great Leaps daily does a one-minute timing in each of three sections: Phonics, Sight Phrases and Stories. The stories are followed by Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Questions. The instructor immediately corrects errors made by the student during the timing and after the timing a line or two of the probe is modeled for the student, with the student and then the student reads the line correctly by himself or herself. If the student completes the probe in one minute with two or less errors, the student moves onto the next probe in that section. Otherwise he or she repeat the probe the next day. The three sections of Great Leaps are as follows:
Phonics: Great Leaps covers all of the basic rules of phonics.
Sight Phrases: High frequency word errors are targets through combining those words in increasingly difficult phrases.
Stories: Great Leaps Stories are carefully sequenced by readability (in simpler words, they are in careful order by grade level) and are high interest stories written in everyday English. They are written to be stories that children can enjoy and relate to—that is why Great Leaps has three different books written towards k-5, 6-8, and 9-12 students. 
Depth of Knowledge Questions: Each day students discuss questions based on the stories. The questions range from simple questions to complex, open ended questions, all designed to get conversation flowing between student and tutor and to elicit expressive language from the students.
Students are seeing two years of growth on average in the first 18 weeks of using the Digital Intervention. Students who build the fundamentals of education through one-on-one interventions often see increases in their grades across the board. In addition, as they catch up in the fundamentals, their behavior and academic motivation grows. Ultimately Great Leaps takes students to the independent reading level. Great Leaps math programs teach basic math facts to automaticity, and fractions and decimals to proficiency. Language growth programs combat the language deficit in lower income homes based on the Hart and Risley studies. 

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