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The new school year is always a good time to make a fresh start in so many ways. Here, at SEEN, we thought one of the most basic ways to make a fresh start and an impact at the beginning of the school year was to focus on something we, as people, rarely do well: talking.

Now, as educators, your first instinct is to say, “I talk all day.” While this may be true, are you having true dialogue with your parents and co-workers? Are you connecting with the parent when you have parent-teacher conferences – so that everyone knows how maximize the student’s potential? Is your administrator/superintendent/school board aware of your concerns as an educator/an employee? These are the conversations that are often better addressed at the beginning of the school year to set the tone for successful communications moving forward. That’s why we chose to focus on community, culture, and conversations in this Fall issue of SEEN. Our authors really dig deep in this subject and show ways to foster authentic, engaging dialogue in our school culture.

After all, if we learn how to have meaningful conversations regarding parent-teacher involvement, family engagement, and student behaviors, we should naturally have better understanding of what it takes to foster a well-rounded student. With better conversations, we can also create a better and more open school culture — ultimately leading to a better, active community.

It sounds idyllic but it has been proven time and time again that the partnership of parent-teacher-administrator has made all the difference in the trajectory of someone’s life. Hopefully, always, for the better.  

I’m hopeful as we move into a new academic year that we are more vigilant in the safety of our schools and our communities. In this issue, we take a look back at the safety incidences from last year and look to this year’s solutions for securing our campuses.

In true “back-to-school” fashion, we’re also looking at updating the facilities you will call home for the next nine months, new products and perspectives in curriculum and technology, highlighting where you can enroll in some of the best graduate programs for the year, and why you should attend more conferences this year.

With our theme of conversations in mind, SEEN is looking forward to hearing more from you as well! We want to know more about the accomplishments and challenges your schools are facing this year. We want to be part of the conversations that help elevate your districts in the coming months. Stay tuned for some great things headed your way from SEEN magazine and I wish everyone a great Fall/Winter semester!


Deirdre Edwards

Editor –In- Chief

SEEN Magazine


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