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Field trips are a wonderful opportunity for experience and exposure that simply can’t be gained within a classroom. Whether to a park, a zoo, a museum or another destination, field trips are an exciting chance to get the kids out of their usual element and captivate their attention and imaginations.

However, field trips are not without their detractors — and, when considering how to allocate funds for next year, consider instead bringing the field trip to you.

There are so many factors that go into planning a field trip, from the first day the excursion is approved all the way up to the day of the trip itself.

How many students are attending?  How will the trip be funded?  Will you travel via bus, cars, or by walking?  How much will transportation cost?  How will lunch be handled?  Who will your chaperones be?  Oh!  Don’t forget about permission slips!  Did someone bring a first aid kit? What is your itinerary?  How does this trip tie into your curriculum?  How will you justify the loss of classroom time?  Will you pre-test your students’ knowledge? How will you be addressing the learned concepts once you return to school?  What will you plan for the students who don’t turn in permission slips, or otherwise can’t go?  I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it!

With an in-house field trip or a school assembly show, many of these concerns are intrinsically addressed.  First, you don’t need to worry about transportation or permission slips – two huge obstacles!  The cost of school bus transportation for a single class can be more expensive than bringing in an assembly presentation for your whole school.  You also don’t need to be concerned with keeping track of permission slips or collecting ticket money.  When the field trip comes to you, everyone is invited and everyone’s ticket is paid for. 

Since assembly presentations are usually only limited by facility size, there’s no need for more than a rough student count when planning.   And since assemblies are hosted at your campus, you control the schedule!  While you might need to shuffle around your specials, generally your students can eat their lunches at their usual time, and not miss a step in their regular day, while still gaining all the rich educational benefit of an out-of-school field trip.

While the time spent at your field trip destination will certainly be educational, a field trip eats up lots of precious classroom time with travel, coordination both at school and on-site, the wrangling of students, and unexpected events. By taking the transportation out of the equation, quite a bit of the hassle involved has been circumvented.  Now, instead of having to get across town, students just have to get down the hall.  The liabilities of lost kids are greatly reduced, and you probably won’t need that first aid kit after all!

Generally speaking, most field trips are an excursion taken by a single grade or even just a single class within that grade, but an in-house field trip services your entire student body. While an annual trip for all third-graders, for example, is a wonderful way to ensure that all students eventually receive the opportunity, with an in-school field trip, the entire school can benefit on the same day.  Many assembly programs have multiple sessions in a single day, usually breaking the audiences up by grade level.  This enables the presenter to tailor and scaffold the content according to the grade level of the audience.  Additionally, many assemblies are accompanied by pre- and post-assembly materials to supplement and address curricular standards.  Beyond curriculum, in-house field trips teach invaluable social skills for your little ones, such as lining-up, how to treat a guest in your school and how to be a polite and attentive audience member.

Plus, in-house field trips are just plain cool!  Today’s school assembly vendors can turn your gym into a planetarium, a hands-on science museum, or a dinosaur dig!  With these portable experiences, time and money are both saved, without sacrificing the educational experience of a classic field trip.

In-house field trips: no permission slips, no buses – just peace of mind and an unforgettable experience for your students.


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