Every Second Counts in an Emergency


Following the Sandy Hook tragedy, Principal Jeff Green was in his office reviewing his school safety plan and realized three things:

“Once the system is activated, an alert is sent to a nationwide monitoring company along with a text alerting identified personnel at the school to begin their lockdown procedures.”

1) Law enforcement most likely won’t get there in time. 2) We are on our own with no effective options until help arrives. 3) And no matter how good our door locks or camera systems are, we will let the biggest threat to our safety through the front door. Our biggest threat is a student, a parent, or someone connected to the school. In fact, Sandy Hook was BETTER prepared than most schools. He began researching what changes had occurred in school protection.

The most significant modifications over the years were improvements with law enforcement’s approach after Columbine. However, schools were still missing critical elements in addressing a crisis since the typical approach involved locking an intruder out, hiding and hoping. This method had proven ineffective time and time again. As a parent and a principal, Jeff wanted a system that would protect his children, students and staff and empower them at the same time. He wanted to effect change that would not only work but would matter.

He found a solution in 2013. Jeff met with local and national threat assessment experts, FBI, law enforcement, police chiefs and sheriffs to learn what schools could do during the critical minutes leading up to the time first responders arrived on the scene. As a result, he designed the SafeDefend Personnel Protection and Shelter in Place Systems for schools, hospitals, government buildings and corporate offices. Once he had it all in place, Jeff elected to leave his job as an elementary school principal to pursue SafeDefend full time.

Saving Lives When Seconds Count

The SafeDefend Personnel Protection System includes a fingerprint activated device which allows for controlled access and secure storage of items such as gel pepper spray; a baton with a window break; trauma kit; safety vest; flex cuffs; high intensity strobe flashlight; and a whistle.

Once the system is activated, an alert is sent to a nationwide monitoring company along with a text alerting identified personnel at the school to begin their lockdown procedures. Local law enforcement is immediately notified of the building and room number where the system was activated.

School intruders have become a reality for too many teachers, students and parents. SafeDefend provides an easy, effective way to prepare, notify, and protect… empowering your employees with the simple swipe of their fingertip. The SafeDefend System will prepare your staff, notify law enforcement and your staff, and protect those most precious to you, your students. SafeDefend enhances your current school safety plan and any system or process currently in place.

With the swipe of a finger, SafeDefend:

  • Prepares and trains staff using certified law enforcement trainers. Teachers learn how to respond during the chaos of a crisis
  • Notifies law enforcement and all school employees immediately when a crisis occurs.
  • Reduces law enforcement response time.
  • Gives staff real time information allowing them to make informed decisions.

Staff knows whether to run, hide, or fight:

  • Staff knows help is on the way and can manage the crisis and protect students instead of trying to call 911.
  • PRACTICAL training not tactical training for all staff empowers them to respond.

Protects students and staff with all of the following system components:

  • 30 unique fingerprints can be programmed in each safe.
  • Controlled access prevents false alarms.
  • Secures all items against unauthorized use.
  • Immediately sends alarm and notification when opened.

Automatic notification goes to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Main Office
  • On-site Resource Officer
  • Teachers and Staff
  • District Administrators
For information or to bring SafeDefend to your district, call 913-856-2800 or email info@safedefend.com

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