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CBE Solutions provides support for districts seeking to develop learning systems that are the foundation of student achievement and increased teacher and instructional capacities. We help build organizational readiness and capacity to aid districts in their transformation to a personalized/competency-based learning system by training and coaching all levels of the organization on how to implement rigorous, transparent and viable systems of learning and instruction. 

Working with district leadership, staff and specialists in the building of learning progressions that foster rigor, relevance and engagement, as well as with teachers and students in the development of voice, agency and ownership of learning through feedback and targeted personalized instruction. Utilizing the CBE framework, we also support the development of CTE pathways that are aligned to industry standards, college and career readiness standards as well as the common core expectations for all students. These course progressions will ensure all students graduate with the technical, vocational and core academic skills necessary for success in any post-secondary setting.

Daniel Joseph is the Founder and President of Competency Based Education Solutions and is
part of 2Revolutions’ Talent Cloud.

Daniel A. Joseph

Competency Based Education Solutions

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Angela Stewart of Stewart Educational Solutions

After working as a high school principal, district school improvement specialist and district assessment director, Angela Stewart founded Stewart Educational Consulting in 2013 with an emphasis on strategic planning.

Strategic planning projects are not one and done efforts. Methodologies must be personalized to the school districts’ history, objectives/goals, and capacity.

A well-designed plan is a living document; successful planning depends on the engagement by district and school level leadership. This practice cannot be relegated to consultants alone. Through thought-provoking questions, candid discussions, a rigorous look at data and challenging conventional thinking, a district can assure the development of results-driven initiatives.

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