LEADERSHIP Mac Bogert of AZA Leaning

Mac Bogert received his Masters of Education from the University of Virginia and worked as a Teacher Specialist for Anne Arundel County Schools providing staff development services before founding AZA Learning in 1994. He provides custom design, innovative training and interactive collaboration to 180 organizations nationwide. 

Mac will provide custom focused learning sessions for your district, with emphasis on clarity, safety and power-sharing. Advanced leadership skills are the difference between a good organization and a great organization. Give your district every advantage. Learn more at


Angela Stewart of Stewart Educational Solutions

After working as a high school principal, district school improvement specialist and district assessment director, Angela Stewart founded Stewart Educational Consulting in 2013 with an emphasis on strategic planning.

Strategic planning projects are not one and done efforts. Methodologies must be personalized to the school districts’ history, objectives/goals, and capacity.

A well-designed plan is a living document; successful planning depends on the engagement by district and school level leadership. This practice cannot be relegated to consultants alone. Through thought-provoking questions, candid discussions, a rigorous look at data and challenging conventional thinking, a district can assure the development of results-driven initiatives.

For more information, call (484) 538-4017

Daniel Joseph of Competency Based Education Solutions

Daniel and his team at Competency Based Education Solutions have developed a variety of training and coaching supports for teachers, school and district leaders to make the shift from time-based systems to those that are driven by personalized learning.

Daniel trains teachers and staff in the core tenets of personalized learning: shared vision, leadership, personal mastery and continuous improvement. There are a number of trainings offered to districts as they build their capacity and sustainability for the continued growth and achievement of all students. These trainings start by building a shared vision and move through culture and into instructional strategies. The progression of trainings addresses the culture and content of competency-based educational systems reform at both the macro and micro levels.

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