If you’re ready to bring the world to your classroom, FieldTripZoom brings the educational experience to life with ease. Museums, zoos and historical sites are ready to visit your classroom live with FieldTripZoom – an online service that allows you to search, order, schedule, and connect to hundreds of live interactive programs. These programs provide your students with unique learning experiences that align with your courses, drive home the in-class materials, and can bring a new level of understanding to the material.


FieldTripZoom can work for every educator. Nearly all of the programs are mapped to local or national educational standards. These programs are professionally produced and delivered by trained educators specializing in their particular content. Most importantly, you do not need any type of special equipment in your classroom to access these programs. All it takes is a computer, webcam and projector or Smart-Board
to get started.

To access this great content, open up a web browser, click FREE SIGN UP, and activate your account. Then, peruse our catalog of educational programs provided by our content experts from museums, zoos, science centers and historical sites! Our customers love it for many reasons:

  • Easy search with hundreds of programs to choose from
  • Many STEAM programs available
  • Works with classroom equipment and basic PC or mobile devices
  • Program fees average $150
  • Free programs available if you qualify for a scholarship
  • Prepay for blocks of programs for the school or district
  • Customer support

FieldTripZoom is coming to your district soon…

FieldTripZoom will be in the Chicago Public Schools this year and will be integrated with Safari Montage as well. This integration with Safari Montage will instantly provide FieldTripZoom access to any school district using their digital curriculum platform – making it even easier to bring your classroom the ultimate virtual educational experience.


Our service also extends to our educators. We now offer live interactive professional development programs for your teachers and the opportunity to collaborate with other educators and organizations outside our catalog.

We also provide collaboration rooms, available to be purchased as virtual classrooms, which provide you with our cloud-based video conferencing services. These video conferencing services will connect you to thousands for all your distance learning needs.


There is a small fee charged by providers if you order and attend their programs. However, we also have scholarships available to secure funding for the programs. Sign up now and activate your account today for free to access the great content we have to offer and to see if you may qualify for funding.

For more information visit or call 231-715-3396

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