Colonial Williamsburg


You want your students to connect with American history: the sources of our democratic values, how our lives have changed over time, and how the choices of citizens shaped the outcome. Nothing was inevitable.

But you also want them to have fun, to be engaged.

Colonial Williamsburg offers customized hands-on school and group visits in the city where George Washington first took elective office, Thomas Jefferson learned law and Patrick Henry spoke out against the Stamp Act.

But also a city where half the population was enslaved and dissenters had to fight for religious freedom.

It’s all here to be discovered: revolutionary debates, historic trades, and the work (and play) of daily life in the 18th century. Plan a visit that suits your educational priorities, then relax, knowing that our skilled historical interpreters will lead your group on a memorable journey into the past.

Include a tour of one of Williamsburg’s iconic buildings: the Governor’s Palace, where Lord Dunmore plotted to dampen the spirit of revolution, or the Capitol, where the Fifth Virginia Convention became the first legislative body to vote for independence on May 15, 1776. Interactive lessons will help students understand what was at stake: for patriots and loyalists, free people and enslaved, merchants and mothers.

Need a break from revolutionary politics? Learn 18th-century etiquette or how to play colonial games. Take a dance lesson. Explore daily life in the household of an average family.

No visit is complete without stopping by some of our historic trade shops. Feel the radiating heat as the blacksmith forges supplies for the Continental Army. Smell the ink of the printing press. Admire the skill of the wigmaker, the wheelwright, or many other trades. Our tradespeople do not just demonstrate 18th-century skills, they keep them alive, handcrafting high-quality goods that are used in the city and sought after by leading museums and collectors.

We’ve got everything covered. Whether you’re trying to meet specific academic standards or just offer a more enriching experience, our educators can identify learning opportunities in math, science, English, and the arts.

Take advantage of every minute you have by participating in one of our evening programs. Witness mock witch trials in Cry Witch, hear chilling tales in the Ghosts Amongst Us tour, or experience African American storytelling in Papa Said, Mama Said. 

Dining options for every budget are available, including boxed lunches. For a meal they won’t forget, enjoy authentic 18th-century dining and entertainment at one of our four historic taverns.

Stay at a Colonial Williamsburg hotel to make the most of your time. The Woodlands Hotel and Suites adjacent to the Visitor Center is a convenient and affordable option that includes breakfast.

Make Colonial Williamsburg your next great adventure, and be confident that you’ve given the next generation what they need to write the script for their chapter in the American story.

To begin planning your journey into the past, call us at 800-228-8878, email, or visit

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