Learnerati is a research driven educational practices company dedicated to creating more effective learning experiences for all students. Learnerati helps educators restructure their approach to not only instruction but educational management.


They strongly believe that learning is a personal process that most effectively occurs when information, cognition, and self-directed goals come together within a contextual setting. Learnerati actively incorporates the ongoing collection of data from within classrooms as the formative part of a larger feedback process. This concept is at the heart of Learnerati. They are a community of learners helping other learners to teach even more learners effectively.

Learnerati focuses on helping districts and schools hone their approach to achieving their own set of goals. Often, this means re-examining the problem in terms of both the goal and the available resources, then crafting a custom approach. This is done using the following principles:

Create A “Curiosity” Culture Among Both Learners And Instructors

The intrinsic desire to learn expresses itself as an open curiosity toward the surrounding world. By creating a climate that cultivates, nourishes, and protects curiosity, educators can introduce those insightful learning moments.

Learn To Plan For Flexibility And Spontaneity

Instructional planning should not be rigid or uncompromising. It should create a framework taking into account how learning objectives progress through time to build meaning and develop deeper understanding.

Engage Learners By Focusing On Depth Of Understanding

When learners truly understands an idea, concept, or skill they can easily reconstruct it into differing levels of complexity depending on need. Learning should incorporate that as a requirement to increase flexible thinking.

Augment Learning With Reality And Complexity

Knowledge rarely exists in a vacuum. Rather, it exists as a shared context with other information, skills, or concepts. For this reason, effective learning occurs when as much context as possible is part of the learning experience.

Respond To Outcomes Quickly And Strategically

Feedback is crucial in learning, not only for learners but for instructors as well. Treat outcomes as valuable opportunities to improve the learning process and adjust accordingly.

Learnerati helps districts and schools hone their approach in several key areas including:

Curriculum Analysis

Delve deep into how curriculum usage affects the instructional process and student learning.

Classroom Observation

Classroom observation reveals the nuances and complex interactions between teachers and their students in a concise time line anchored report, moving across numerous key factors.

On Site Training & eCourses

Professional development to best fit your needs. Group training at your site for that interpersonal interaction and fluid learning experience; or, self-paced learning online flexible to your schedule.


Learnerati often engages in special projects to conduct studies, provide specialized training, or to monitor the implementation of various initiatives.


Learnerati researches the deeper connections between curriculum, instruction, and student learning on a continual basis. This sets them apart from most professional development providers.

Learnerati is available to help schools or districts in the Southeast and across the country. Learnerati President Ben Jones and company have worked with states, districts and schools from Alaska to Maine, with notable engagements in Arizona, South Carolina and Oklahoma.

To learn how Learnerati can help your state, district or school email or phone 559-250-0669.

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