Recently named the “Best Museum in Atlanta” by USA Today’s, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, which opened in 2014, is a unique cultural experience in downtown Atlanta.

This award-winning interactive museum provokes meaningful thought by connecting the American Civil Rights Movement and modern Global Human Rights Movements through stunning architectural design, dynamic exhibits, powerful videos, music, original artwork and individual stories of courage. Additionally, the center is home to the Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection. This rare display provides an intimate view of Dr. King’s personal papers and artifacts, framing his life and work within the larger global struggle for human rights. The center engages visitors in an educational and uplifting journey of reflection, discovery and inspiration.

The center’s mission is to empower people to take the protection of every human’s rights personally. Paula Scher’s colorful mural in the lobby, a collage depicting global protests united by a single hand raised in hope and freedom, sets a multicultural, multigenerational tone for the museum, making global human rights efforts feel personal.

Photo Courtesy of Studio Fitz

The center’s engaging exhibits offer visitors a chance to experience the bravery of civil rights protesters. Exhibits like the interactive surround-sound lunch counter teach acceptance and empathy by capturing the oppression and intolerance endured by civil rights protesters during the historic Greensboro, North Carolina sit-ins. The “Who, Like Me, is Threatened” responsive mirrors offer another opportunity to experience life in another person’s shoes by placing visitors face-to-face with the injustice and discrimination felt by an everyday individual from another part of the world.

The center’s exhibits foster leadership and confidence. Over 50,000 students visited the center in its first year and many seemed to take the center’s mission to heart. Students praised the design of the museum saying, “The information was presented in a way that was really accessible since there were a lot of really cool interactive videos and cool spaces.” Students said the center was not only “insightful and eye-opening” but that it gave them “more of a reason to speak out about certain things and go voice [their] opinion.”

Conveniently located next to the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium at Pemberton Place, the Center for Civil and Human Rights is a must-visit destination. This winter visit a new exhibition celebrating Dr. King, “King and Youth Involvement in the American Civil Rights Movement.” Now is a perfect time to book your class or school field trip. There will also be activities and programs for Martin Luther King Day in January and Black History Month in February. Please check our website for more information.

To book your field trip today, call 678-999-8990 ext. 4 or email Lisle Dorsey at For more details, hours, and ticket information, visit

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