Building a Bridge to Better Behavior


Bridg-it is designed to work with all the stakeholders in a school community to help ensure a safe positive learning environment. It is a sustainable solution to bullying using technology and data science to prevent and resolve incidents of bullying, cyberbullying and harassment. Today, student tragedies take many forms. In order of frequency these student tragedies are made up of the following behaviors:



  1. Cyberbullying
  2. Bullying
  3. Harassment
  4. Digital harassment
  5. Self-inflicted wounds
  6. Cutting
  7. Suicide
  8. School shootings which maim and kill

Our schools and our communities are experiencing the above list of tragedies at an alarming rate. Student behavior is not improving and studies indicate student apathy towards hurtful behavior and student victims is on the increase. Fortunately, new technology is available that can proactively prevent many of these tragedies.

Bridg-it’s team of academics, educators, students, parents, social workers, legal experts and software engineers has created a digital platform to reduce and prevent student tragedies. Bridg-it uses technology to prevent and resolve the incidents of bullying, cyberbullying and harassment by community sourcing behavioral data to analyze and report potential student tragedies, while simultaneously offering proven lessons and best practice instruction to positively affect student behavior. Their user-friendly solution addresses the full lifecycle of an incident, from reporting through resolution. When schools and communities know who is troubled or in trouble, they can begin applying the right restorative solutions to solve the problem.




Studies show that more than 80 percent of all instances of bullying and harassment are witnessed by one or more bystanders. Studies also show that the risk of being an upstander (someone who takes action) is believed to be too high, and that is why very few bystanders say something when someone is in trouble. Bridg-it’s reporting is quick and simple. Reports can be easily filed by anyone from their cell phone in less than a minute. Bridg-it’s platform reduces the communication risk for both the target and the bystander.


According to Varell Eddie, Dean of Students at New Visions High School for the Humanities, “Having Bridg-it has made tackling the issue of bullying something that everyone can tackle at the same time. I’ve received reports from students and teachers alerting us to issues that may have gone unreported otherwise. It makes it simple, easy and actually kind of cool to help prevent bullying at our school.”

Robert J DeSena, English teacher and founder of the Council for Unity, says “Bridg-it has developed the most innovative model in the world; it allows a child to access help through the Internet in a safe way and it allows administrators and other support team individuals to act immediately in support of that child’s concerns,”

Bridg-it is a comprehensive and sustainable turnkey bullying and harassment solution, aligning the interests of parents, students and educators. With Bridg-it, incidents of bullying, cyberbullying and harassment will now be reported, your team can review real-time data analysis, and then apply restorative solutions before these incidents escalate.

The Bridg-it School Solution is available now and can be implemented in your school or district as soon as tomorrow.

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