Big Ideas for a New (School) Year


Backpacks. Laptops. Lesson Plans. Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

I know we all ask the same question…where did the summer go so quickly? It goes by especially fast for educators as you are now readying yourself to greet new faces (it’s still shorts weather after all!). Hard to believe… you were just waving kids good-bye for the summer and excited for somewhat of a break.

Now that you’re getting your classrooms ready for that first student to walk in, you’re hopefully just as excited about what the new school year has to offer. I remember as a kid, I was so excited about the first day of school – I could barely sleep the night before. It was always great to catch up with friends. Meanwhile, my mother was probably also having a hard time sleeping as well – thinking about all the things needing to be done to kick-off the school year.

As a school administrator, it was my mother’s joy to yearly plan for the “big picture” and “big ideas” of her teachers and students. The only way to foster these ideas through exceptional teachers and students was to be cognizant of how people receive information given to them. In this edition of SEEN, we take a look at Learning and the Brain –and how the brain messages we receive impact how teachers teach, students learn, and parents interact with their children. The information given in these articles really reminds us that we are so affected, consciously or subconsciously, by the daily messages our environments send us. Let’s set our students up for success!

In this edition, we also continue to look at how technology plays a role in our learning – not just in the classroom – but also in our facility structures and security measures. Remember: in order to foster great minds it’s important to provide safe, up-to-date facilities for all. Our authors tell us just how a newly designed cafeteria or top-notch security app can help keep our schools welcoming and safe.

While we enjoy our facilities, we know there is more to learning than four walls. That’s why we’re taking a look at some of the great attractions in South Carolina this issue. I’m quite sure you’ll be quickly planning your next family or class trip to the Palmetto State.

I hope you enjoy this issue and stay tuned for great things in our upcoming Fall/Winter edition.


Best wishes for a new school year!

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