Betabox Is Changing STEM Education


Betabox is reinventing STEM field trips by bringing them to you 

Since being founded in 2014, Betabox’s mission has been ensuring that world-class  hands-on learning can happen anywhere.


They do this by delivering engaging hands-on experiences that utilizes emerging technology and equipment in Betabox Mobile Tech Labs. The Labs are made from shipping containers that have been retrofitted to be the learning environments of the future, and to date Betabox has delivered more than 500 experiences at schools in more than 30 states. These experiences range in subject matter from electrical and aerospace engineering to design thinking, the sciences, and programming. By 2020, Betabox expects to deliver experiences to over 1 million students.








By working hand-in-hand with the education community, Betabox develops curriculum that can be seamlessly implemented for different age and experience levels, while also being aligned with different state and national standards. Betabox CEO Sean Newman Maroni says, “We’re bringing advanced technology to the schools that need it most, cutting out half of the cost and time required to organize a field trip. Each experience can be tailored to specific instructional needs so the concepts learned are different each time the Betabox comes to your school.” 








When a Betabox travels to a school all of the necessary equipment, technology, and materials are safely stored inside of the facility, and a Betabox Guide and Betabox Technician are on-site to make sure that everything is setup and ready before students arrive on campus. All Guides and Technicians are all trained to facilitate curriculum, interact with students and teachers, and manage the day to day operations of the Betabox itself. 

Betabox has become an important partner to the education system in the Southeastern US by working to help improve the mindset, economics, and sustainability of hands-on learning. In 2017 Betabox began national expansion through partnerships with corporations like MilliporeSigma, Texas Instruments, IBM and Capital One. Their “Powered By Industry” program provides companies with flexible infrastructure solutions to run and grow their Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Outreach, Marketing, and Recruiting programs, allowing them to reach more of their customers and to have a higher impact on the communities in which they operate. These partnerships accelerate  Betabox’s mission by bridging the gap between schools and industry-leading STEM companies passionate about investing in their local communities. 

To contact Betabox about their programs and more, email or call 330-789-3289. 



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