What better way to learn about science and enjoy the summer than with hands-on labs and summer camp activities in a beautiful outdoor setting! That’s what Guided Discoveries’ Astrocamp provides kids during the warm months – a chance to learn more about science and enjoy a traditional summer camp experience.

As experts in outdoor science schools and educational adventure summer camps, we here at Astrocamp make a positive difference in the lives of children through unique opportunities of discovery. Our beautiful outdoor locations, combined with hands on labs, field activities, adventure and traditional summer camp fun, enrich and inspire the lives of young people. Our programs allow kids to build life skills for a productive future.

Our summer camp program in Virginia provides an experience of a lifetime for boys and girls, ages 8-14. Astrocamp Virginia is the finest sleep away science adventure camp.

Just two hours north of Raleigh, North Carolina, our beautiful 406-acre camp is found on the edge of the Staunton River surrounded by groves of oak, crepe myrtle, and walnut trees. While at AstroCamp Virginia, campers and counselors are housed in comfortable, climate-controlled cabins with bunk beds. Cabins typically house six-to-eight campers and two-to-three counselors. All of our high-quality, delicious meals are served buffet style in our dining hall.

AstroCamp is home to a state-of-the-art observatory and labs that were custom built to meet and exceed the learning needs of campers with all different learning styles. Our eight labs provide campers with a safe environment where learning is a hands-on experience.

Space exploration, physical and earth science, memories, friendships, and FUN are in store at our exciting one-week sessions. From the time of Sunday check-in, the packed week begins as kids get to know one another and bond before Monday’s core activities. When the sun rises on Monday, the core activities (3D Printing, Robotics, Drones, etc.) and electives (Go-Karting, Space Art, and Dungeons & Dragons) begin – rotating throughout the week for everyone to try.

Rest and relaxation is also part of our summer camp experience. We build in time for siestas and recreational activities to break up the day. At night, there may be a lake or pool party, campfires, theater or campouts to unwind and mingle with others.

Astrocamp Culture: Standards, Instructors And Counselors

We have fun and make sure learning science is just as fun with qualified instructors leading the way in core activities. AstroCamp takes pride in hiring the highest quality staff and undergoes an extensive American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation process every five years. The accreditation requires we adhere to more than 250 standards ranging from safety to program design.

All of the AstroCamp instructors are required to have at least a Bachelors Degree, and it is not uncommon for our instructors to have a Masters Degree or PhD.

Our instructors come to AstroCamp from all over the United States and occasionally from overseas. Safety is one of our primary goals therefore all instructors are required to have first aid, CPR-PR, and Waterfront Lifeguard certifications as well as comprehensive on-site training.

All cabin counselors are current university students with a background working with children. Applicants go through a rigorous hiring process including multiple interviews, a background check, and drug testing. Many cabin counselors were even campers themselves!

Counselors go through a rigorous 8-day training program prior to any campers arriving at camp. They are trained in team-building, group-leading, child development, safety, and being sensitive to individual campers needs and life experiences. Counselors complete training with the tools and knowledge to support campers through common camp challenges such as homesickness, trying new things, and friendship building.

Preparing For Camp

We provide all the information you need to get ready for camp – from checklists to fees to housing to flight information. We want to make sure you’re well-informed about our process beforehand and also any needs your camper may have during the course of the week.

Please visit to find all the information you need to enroll your camper this year.

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