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Charleston, South Carolina

A Mix of History With Lots of Fun Thrown In Known as “The Holy City,” Charleston, South Carolina needs no introduction. This world-renowned city has

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Henricus Historical Park

Helps Students with Project-and Problem-Based Learning Projects Henricus Historical Park is located 80 miles west of colonial-era Jamestown along the historic James River.  It consists

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The Freedom to Have Fun Find Your Freedom Want more freedom than any destination in the U.S.? You’ve come to the right place! Your Greater

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Colonial Williamsburg

You want your students to connect with American history: the sources of our democratic values, how our lives have changed over time, and how the

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The Newseum:

Engage with the First Amendment It seems only fitting that a museum devoted to the First Amendment and free expression overlooks Pennsylvania Avenue — “America’s

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Madame Tussauds – Nashville

Madame Tussauds, the world-renowned wax attraction, has opened in Nashville. With a completely different concept, the Nashville location will be the beloved brand’s first to

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By Clay Whitehead A discussion with Dr. Lori Desautels about neurodiversity and behavior engagement As interviewed by Clay Whitehead for SEEN Magazine When we teach

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Peg Oliveira Neither scientists nor educators are ready to prescribe MRI informed practices for improving learning in individual children. However, new research does demand that

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Applying Cognitive Theory and Gamification to Improve Reading Comprehension Mandy Vasek and Andrew Vreeke Differentiation and personalized learning should not be avoided. What a tangled

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Educators & Ed-tech

Stewards of Privacy Holly Hawkins The use of educational technology is growing at an astounding rate in the U.S. and that growth raises privacy concerns

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Letter to Leaders

Scott Springston As a leader you may be asking yourself- “I signed up for this?”  The answer is yes and many are glad you did.

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