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Professional Development

It Should Fit Into Your Life By Sydney Chaffee Earlier this year, some students complained that the way I taught new vocabulary words was overly

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What’s for Lunch?

By Roxanne Moore Since 1946, the USDA Child Nutrition Programs has maintained a mission of providing healthy school meals to children all across America in

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Henricus Historical Park

Re-creating the World of 17th Century Virginia’s Powhatan People and the English Colonials The colonial Virginia-era “Citie” of Henricus began as a military fort in

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The Data Story

Uncovering the narrative to our children’s future By Iris Garner, Ph.D. In academia, buzzwords and acronyms are everywhere.  Research, educational policy, politics and media help

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Family Intervention

By Mary Jane Weiss, Karen Parenti and Jennie Labowitz For individuals with disabilities, the success of intervention depends on many variables. Providing evidence-based effective treatment,

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Up to Code

What K-12 Administrators Need to Know About the Building Code Process By Deidre “Dee” Leclair, AIA In what has become a standard three-year code cycle

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How Safe are our Schools?

Violent Threats And Incidents In Schools: An Analysis of the 2017-2018 School Year Researched and Written by Dr. Amy Klinger and Amanda Klinger, Esq. On

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The Possibilities of Mutualism

By Mac Bogert Dis-Integrated Learning I started teaching at a nationally recognized high school in Fairfax, Virginia. Our test scores, graduation rate and college acceptance

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Augmented Reality

Creativity and Independent Thinking By Dr. Rob Furman Augmented Reality appears to have gone “mainstream” for the first time. Augmented reality superimposes information on our

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Engaging Families

Dr. Joni Samples This last week I received a tee shirt from a friend. Across the front were the words ALLEGEDLY RETIRED. That’s very true

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Back To School Product Review

GET YOUR STUDENTS EXCITED ABOUT LEARNING Create personalized experiences that encourage, excite, and build confidence in children with LeapFrog learning systems. Our products combine robust

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