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Independent Schools - Winter 2010

The theme of our winter issue is Independent Schools. I asked Jim McDaniel, Headmaster of the Linden Hill School in Northfield, MA to write a lead article that would make the case for Independent Schools. As Jim laid out his argument, I began to realize that there is much to be learned by public schools from the independent school model. The simple fact is, unless we quickly build about 100,000 new independent schools (give or take), independent schools will not be an option for all our kids. What is an option, however, is to take the tenets of the independent school experience and apply it to our own public schools.

For families that choose to take the independent school route, they’ll find some marvelous choices. A great place for them to start is by speaking to their school counselor. Another resource is the National Association of Independent Schools (www.nais.org). Still another is the International Educational Consultants Association (www.iecaonline.com). It is important to remember that there are many financing options for families who want to take advantage of an independent school education. For more information, you’ll want to read Joanna Evens’ article Affording an Independent School Education.

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HELPING STUDENTS GRADUATE THE POWER OF SCHOOL Community collaboration in Dropout Prevention

The job of running schools is too complex for schools to do it alone. For any school program to assure the high academic achievement of all children, there must be an active partnership between the school and community to address the social and personal, as well as the academic needs of children. But a disconnect exists between educators and community people. Educators tend to see educational reform as focused on promoting the academic achievement of young people. While community builders (and some educators) focus on academic achievement in a broader context that includes social and personal development. Read More »

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CYBER SMARTS FOR THE FACEBOOK GENERATION Strategies to stop cyberbullying and online self-harm

For the Facebook generation, their worlds revolve around all things electronic. As a result, the venue for student problems is shifting from the real world to the virtual one. Unfortunately, virtual world problems can often become real world problems too. At our professional development workshops all over the U.S., we’re getting a lot more requests for help with students who are facing or engaging in cyberbullying. We have also been getting a lot of questions about what to do about students who are literally trashing their own reputations and credibility by posting damaging pictures and comments about partying, substance abuse, their interpersonal relationships, and their feelings about their teachers and bosses. In a time when more and more employers and colleges are requiring access to applicants’ Facebook and My Space pages, students continue to make themselves unemployable and unlikely admission candidates when their less-than-sedate lives are memorialized on the internet — forever. Read More »

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EXCELLENCE For All Stakeholders

Several years ago while preparing for a meeting of the Board of Directors at Burroughs & Chapin Company — one of the founding development companies started over 100 years ago in Horry County, South Carolina — I was reading a golf course appraisal and evaluation report on our Arcadian Shores golf course, which at that time was leased to the oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hilton hotel. As I studied the comprehensive document, a four-tiered assessment about the quest for excellence caught my attention: golf courses and schools are very much alike. There are lots of traps! Too many students fall into traps every day! This report featured four distinct categories: Read More »

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Why independent schools?

In the interest of full disclosure, as author, my perspective has been shaped by 35 consecutive years working with independent school educators or for independent schools. Raised as the son of two NYS public school educators, I took a summer job just south of Binghamton, NY that was run by independent school teachers from Episcopal Academy, Groton School, Princeton University, Penn Charter School and Kent School, among others. It was by the representatives’ of these institutions that my career was guided as I was coaching and dorm parenting from the age of 17 without the knowledge I was interviewing for my first job — in Independent Schools. Read More »

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Public-private collaboration: Improving education for all

In addition to providing their own students a college-prep education, most independent private schools aspire to make a positive imprint on their communities. They cite the “public purpose of private education,” and seek to model the behavior that they hope to see in students: engagement in community life during school, in college and thereafter. The ways each school achieves this outcome varies, but in many cases it involves collaboration with local public schools. Read More »

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Affording an independent school education

When our twin sons were born, my husband and I lived in a dormitory at Northfield Mount Hermon School. We loved living among the 82 teenage boys in our dorm and thrived on the community aspect of boarding school life. When our sons were a year old, however, we moved to a large university so that my husband could pursue a doctorate and become a professor. Years later, as our sons approached high school, we wanted them to have the benefits of a boarding school education. We also thought that as educators we could not afford boarding school tuitions, and we assumed that as a dual career household we earned too much to qualify for financial aid. Read More »

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Enhancing the American Education System

The educational system in American must be improved, and enhancing educational environments must be central to that effort.  Lack of proper funding and maintenance has resulted in aged school facilities that have not been upgraded to keep up with changing times.  Yet we know that by improving educational environments, we create improved educational outcomes.

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Listen to the voices

Literary magazines are a great way to give your school a boost! A magazine provides an outlet for the “writers” on campus, but it also does much, much more:


  • Encourages a culture of creativity
  • Reinforces pride in a job well done
  • Furnishes a venue of expression outside of the classroom
  • Interests parents, friends, and applicants in the hearts and minds of the school
  • Builds a vital sense of community

But most importantly, literary magazines encourage and reward literacy — to the degree that “literary magazine” is a weak description for the publications popping up online. “Literacy magazine” is not only more accurate, it’s suited to the times.


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Good schools, good people testing does not recognize

One of my best teachers was my worst nightmare, and I am still thanking her to this day. As a second semester high school senior, I rightfully believed that I was entitled to early retirement. So, I enrolled in an elective course that I thought would be a sleepwalk, having been assured that it would be easier than any “academic” class. This is the class they used to call “Typing,” but is now known as “Keyboarding.”

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Technical and community colleges provide the launching pad for student success

Technical colleges provide viable and diverse options for students to obtain high quality educational training, a pathway for graduates right out of high school as well as underemployed and unemployed workers seeking retraining or a new career. Whether it’s a first career, second or third, technical and community colleges provide lifelong learning.

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These college students recycle 340,000 pounds of waste each year


How It All Began

Students at Johnson and Wales University, (JWU) Charlotte Campus are turning in food scraps to grow more food.

It all started two years ago with two recycled backing and pastry buckets in a culinary kitchen. JWU students were fascinated with the chef who was loading smelly food scraps into his car and they wanted to know more. Those two buckets have turned into what JWU Chef Instructor Paul Malcolm calls the “bucket brigade.”


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Edinboro University — A case study in graduate online program development

During the Fall 2009 semester, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania debuted a new online graduate program in Art Education. The program has quickly become an excellent example of how to develop a new online graduate program that meets student demand while addressing an institution’s strategic enrollment planning initiatives.

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Collaborative master’s degree program Strengthening urban teaching at no cost to students

A new master’s degree program at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development set some hearts racing when it was announced in February. The program essentially offered a master’s degree from one of the nation’s top education schools at no cost. In return, students accepted for the program would have to make a five-year teaching commitment to Nashville’s public school system.

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Leadership simulations A practical approach to leadership, learning and teamwork

In 2007, Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Fischler School of Education and Human Services (FSEHS) in concert with TATA Interactive Systems of India and Topsim-Simulations of Germany, embarked on a multi-phasic, multi-year project to bring problem-based learning through simulated experiences, to students. Designed for three distinct groupings, namely: undergraduate (B.S.), master’s (M.S.), and doctoral groups (Ed.D.), the simulations merged both theoretical constructs with practical application in a shared learning environment. Each degree level carried a different theme, namely diversity at the undergraduate level, ethical decision making at the masters level, and leadership at the doctoral level.

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‘Does anybody know where I can find a good school principal?’

Master’s Cohort Model

The question was asked in a group of Hampton Roads area school superintendents and brought only sighs of frustration and negative nods. The problem was one shared by many local school superintendents; a shrinking number of high quality candidates for critical school leadership posts. And it’s not just a problem in Hampton Roads, VA. In fact, a recent study sponsored by the Northeast Regional Elementary School Principals’ Council, found that 36 percent of principals in nine northeastern states plan to retire within the next five years So the problem isn’t likely to disappear in the short term future.

The question led to a discussion of the growing shortage of high quality people interested and willing to accept the challenging task of leading education at the building level. It’s a thankless job that brings pressure to meet accountability demands, high expectations from parents and the community, a changing student body demographic that requires instructional adjustments, and exhausted or stressed staff members looking for assistance and support.

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Christian Brothers University LANCE Program Producing teachers with heart, soul and mind

Part of my job as the recently appointed chair of the Department of Education at Christian Brothers University (CBU) in Memphis, TN, is to keep up with the trends of teacher education in the United States. What I have been reading lately is somewhat disheartening. For example, a recent op-ed piece by Bill Maxwell (St. Petersburg Times) is titled, “Blaming the teachers continues.” In the editorial Maxwell says that teachers have long been blamed for many of the failures of public schools, and the tendency to do so continues, even in the federal “Race to the Top” program today. As a former principal and district administrator, I have hired, tutored, taught, and, yes, fired teachers in the past. Lately, because of this negative focus, a question has piqued my interest: why would someone want to pursue a career that is currently so fraught with negativity and, some would say, overzealous accountability?

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Web 2.0 in education

Teachers and administrators from around the country convened in a special summer course at a Saint Joseph’s College computer lab in Standish, Maine this past July. Through the technology of the Internet and Google Earth, the class visited Saint Anne School in Santa Ana, California. One of the students in the class, Patty Abrahams, is a second grade teacher at Saint Anne School. Abrahams showed the graduate class in Maine her school and guided us around her neighborhood and all of Orange County using GoogleEarth. Abrahams was the lead, her fellow students eagerly engaged in the learning, and the instructor remained the guide on the side. Dr. Tony Girlando, a Saint Joseph’s College business professor who sat in on the course, then guided us to his boyhood home of Rome. We discovered how to construct educational tours for our students and others using Google Earth.

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Student apathy on the rise

Education reform has been the subject of an unending debate within the academy and at various levels of government. For newcomers, the general premise is that education standards are low and the debate revolves around ways to raise them. “In the 1980s and early 1990s, several governors argued that they had to test all their students to raise school standards and improve their economies” (The Washington Post. Nov. 14, 2006). In 2010, the debate is still as fierce and unresolved as it was in the 1980s, in spite of enormous investments that have been directed toward this problem at all levels. One problem that is undoubtedly on the rise and contributing to low standards is student apathy. Apathy is defined as “indifference,” or “lack of emotional connection.” This deadening of the senses toward academic achievement is rising on college campuses.

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Postsecondary transition programs A win/win proposition for universities

An article in a previous issue asked the question, “Why postsecondary education for young adults with intellectual disabilities?” The author, after presenting the issue, concluded with, “Why not?”


The question is a new one. In the past, students with intellectual disabilities typically spent the majority of their high school years preparing for direct employment. But typical students have options other than employment and a college experience is more than just job preparation. Attending college is a maturing experience desired by many young adults, including those with intellectual disabilities.


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Let’s work SMART

Under optimal conditions, getting an adolescent to do household chores can be . . . well, a chore. It may even be a responsibility many of us have come to avoid as much as our little darlings would like to avoid whatever job we assign to them. We know that having our children share in household tasks is a good idea, but does the game plan need to change if your child struggles with learning, psychological or attentional challenges? If you are questioning whether the benefit is worth the effort, read on. While the suggestions that follow may be applied by anyone teaching any adolescent to do household tasks, they are particularly important for helping adolescents struggling with more complex issues. Let’s work smart!

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Dealing with intense feelings

There are times when each of us gets overwhelmed with our feelings, and as a result, we handle life situations less effectively. This can be particularly true when it comes to dealing with our own children. Because while we love them, they know all the right buttons to push to elicit emotional reactions from us. This issue is often pronounced within families where there are children with complex learning disabilities, ADHD issues, or other language-based difficulties. The complex learning issue can have a direct impact on all involved, especially when the child attempts to communicate feelings. There are a number of things families can do to help facilitate and navigate those moments when feelings are intense.

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Special Ed transition planning: Five keys to success Best Practices to Guarantee Student Success and Federal Requirement Compliance

The federal government has handed down an ultimatum: meet required performance indicators and graduation rates for special education students or face the consequences.

It’s a pain school district administrators are very familiar with — they feel it every day. When districts are not in compliance, it is top level administrators who are ultimately held accountable.

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Collaborative learning and professional development

Professional development needs to change. We know this.

With the advent of the social web, learning is anytime, anywhere, networked and collaborative. And learning in this way is already being done in large measure by our students, without us. While more national organizations are calling for the teaching of 21st century skills and the shift to a learning community framework, few models exist for preparing educators to understand how to be a co-learner with their students in this fast-changing learning landscape.

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Military career pathways

After 18 months of planning and hard work the inaugural Military Career Pathways 101 (MCP 101) course came to fruition. Approximately 100 career specialists, guidance Ccounselors, and career and technology teachers from around South Carolina were immersed in learning how Army/military careers is a viable path that fits into nearly all of the national 16 career clusters. The formal goal was to provide educators with a firsthand understanding of military resources, career pathways and benefits.

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Camp —A good place ... for all of us

Camp gives kids a world of good! This is a slogan often used by the American Camp Association (ACA). Most of us agree that “the camp experience” is universally recognized as important in a child’s overall development. Research by the ACA (2005) showed several desirable outcomes of the camp experience:

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Crafting the 21st century teacher through professional development

What could be worth $4.35 billion dollars?

According to President Obama, “Better standards, better teaching, better schools and data-driven results. That’s what we will reward with our Race to the Top Fund.”

The $4.35 billion Race to the Top Fund that Congress has awarded to the US Department of Education under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, represents a major step in the government’s ongoing effort to fi x our schools. Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education, echoed widespread concerns about the state of public education when he observed that “America urgently needs to elevate the quality of K-12 schooling and boost college graduation rates, not simply to propel the economic recovery but also because students need stronger skills to compete in a global economy.”

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Overcoming the technology fear factor

(This is part one of a series.)

In a nation-wide survey on technology integration at the high school level, high school students, faculty and IT staff noted that technology should be better integrated into classroom activities. The CDW-G 21st Century Classroom Report found that 71 percent of faculty members are not getting, or are getting but not incorporating, guidance from their departments on providing tech-rich assignments for students.

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Relearning the economics of PCs

Even in the best of times, IT budgets for schools are limited and erratic. Although tough, in good budget years, funding for computer labs and educational software upgrades can be found; in bad years, however, it is almost impossible to factor in. It is news to no-one that the recent economic downturn has placed funding pressure on schools like never before — with a direct hit on IT capital and maintenance budgets. Even districts that have limited capital funds, are concerned about long term funding to sustain technology expansion and upgrades. Adding more pressure to the ever tighter purse strings is the March survey findings of AASA conducted on 453 school administrators throughout the US that forecast school districts’ economic situation does not mimic the recovery beginning to take hold nationwide. In fact, it highlights a continued erosion of fiscal resources available to school districts and suggests that, across the board, school budget cuts are noticeably more significant for 2010-11 than they were in 2008-09 or 2009-10.

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Preparing students for their technological future

If the American education system is to prepare its students to meet the demands of an increasingly technological world, indeed if it is to be effective at all, it must integrate technology into the academic curriculum. The prospect of personal technology in school, however, makes some teachers and administrators uncertain about how to proceed. After all, what will students be doing with their cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs)? Will they be looking up facts on the Internet, seeking answers from friends, or perhaps sending a copy of a test to a friend?

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The changing face of fundraising

For the last few years a struggling economy has resulted in funding cuts for education that have sparked outrage, protest and opposition nationwide. Art and music are slowly becoming extinct on children’s learning grounds. Field trips have become nearly impossible because admissions fees to institutions like zoos and museums seem unaffordable — bus funding alone has been a deal breaker in many would-be field trip opportunities. Like so many times before, students and teachers are looking to fundraisers to help make-up for the necessary dollars lost and find creative ways to fund educational field trips. Read More »

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Behind the scenes at the CNN headquarters worldwide

This year, in the global headquarters of CNN Worldwide in Atlanta, the world’s first 24-hour news network quietly celebrated 30 years of reporting history. What emerged from the ingenious imagination of a renegade visionary has become the world’s largest and most respected news organization. Chances are you caught your first glimpse of aerial warfare watching Operation Desert Storm coverage, or of a real life royal wedding as Prince Charles and Lady Diana exchanged vows live on CNN and right in your own living room. Read More »

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Education at the Georgia Aquarium Where education, conservation and imagination converge

The educational experience at the Georgia Aquarium is an innovative approach to the traditional field trip. In addition to exploring the main floor of the aquarium, students and teachers gain a different perspective by discovering the Learning Loop at the Georgia Aquarium. This area behind the scenes is dedicated to bringing students and teachers face-to-fin with some of the most unique marine animals in the world. The Georgia Aquarium is the only aquarium in the U.S. to dedicate this type of space solely to the educational benefit of school-aged students and teachers. As part of the education program, students are engaged in animal encounters, interactive activities and research applicable to real-world situations. Read More »

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Go Fish Education Center Promoting conservation and fishing

Governor Sonny Perdue, along with local community leaders, cut the celebratory ribbon at the official dedication ceremony for the Go Fish Education Center on October 7, 2010. Developed as part of Governor Sonny Perdue’s Go Fish Georgia Initiative, the center is primary to promoting and increasing participation of fishing in Georgia.

“The Go Fish Education Center is the result of state, local and private leaders coming together with a shared vision of conservation for the state of Georgia,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “The Center will bring tourists from across the nation to the area and will promote conservation and participation in fishing.”

The Go Fish Education Center is designed to help visitors take an educational journey through Georgia’s watersheds to learn about its diverse aquatic wildlife, natural habitats and how to be a good steward of our water. Beyond that, the center is a place that serves as a great resource of fishing information for any level of angler — where to go, what to use and when. Visitors to the center can:

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What makes a good field trip?

Holding a plastic bag, nine-year-old Steven stands on his tip toes and reads the decomposition chart, “10 to 20 years!” He looks at the common piece of trash in his hands and shakes his head. “That’s disgusting! And look, 450 to 500 years for a plastic bottle! I’m never drinking bottled water again.” As the fourth grade class picks up newspapers, aluminum cans and a styrofoam cup from the display area, the students eagerly look up to find out the life span of each item they hold. They see photographs of a bird entrapped in a six-pack plastic ring, a turtle being choked by a discarded balloon and a raccoon with its head stuck in a glass jar. “Awww! Poor thing!” squeals one of the girls. Read More »

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Explore Florida’s trails

Natural beauty at the very heart of Florida’s allure beckons to visitors from sunny shorelines, hardwood hammocks, breezy bays, and the world-famous River of Grass. Transporting visitors to these natural splendors are thousands of miles of trails traveled on foot, bicycle, horse, canoe and kayak.

Offering a multitude of educational and cultural experiences through museums, festivals and architecture; however, one of its lesser known educational experiences takes place on some of Florida’s oldest and unexplored attractions — its trails. With over 8,000 miles of existing land-based trails and over 4,000 miles of water trails, the Sunshine State offers a look at the trails’ natural inhabitants.

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Traveling the Mississippi Blues Trail

Music provides an interesting window to history and culture, and perhaps no American musical form does this more clearly than does the Blues.

The Blues first appeared as a recognizable art form in the years following the Civil War. African Americans sang about their struggles and hardships, as well as their joys, relationships, travels, and even foods. In fact the link between the music itself and the entire culture that produced it is so strong that the Blues can be defined as “African American roots music and the culture that produced it.”

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The Lost Sea and the discovery of Craighead Caverns

Craighead Caverns was named after an Indian chief who at one time owned the property and the cave, and who may well have discovered the tiny opening that was its natural entrance. Chief Craighead acquired the land through either the Ocoee or Hiwassee Land Grants.

Artifacts found in the vicinity of the “Council Room” around 1927-28, included pottery, arrowheads, weapons, etc., and indicated deep penetration of Cherokee Indians to this circular room where it is speculated they may have held council meetings.

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From attractions, to authentic restaurant, historic Gretna offers a true German cultural experience

The City of Gretna, settled in 1836 by German immigrants, attracts tourists every day. It is a charming city with a small town atmosphere and a large National Historic Register District. There are hundreds of contributing structures to the designation that highlights the unique architecture.

Group tours are available offering the local German cultural experience. Included are three attractions, plus lunch, at a local restaurant with German décor. The German-American experience in the Mississippi Delta region is presented from its beginning in 1720 at the German-American Cultural Center of Louisiana. The comprehensive exhibits, along with personal history accounts are superb. All this can be found at 519 Huey P. Long Avenue housed in an historic 1910 building.

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Indian for a day Cherokee cultural partner

At some point, every child dreams of running away and becoming an Indian.


Today, kids — and their parents — can see that dream come true in one of North Carolina’s most unique travel destinations offering an adventurous shift from a routine beach vacation.

Legendary Cherokee, nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains in the town of Cherokee, NC, gives families a hands-on, authentic and unforgettable experience of Cherokee culture on the tribe’s protected lands. The destination is the center of the ancestral lands of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians — those who in the 1800s refused to be relocated west and determinedly fought and won their right to remain. Easily accessible from the major cities of five contiguous states, Legendary Cherokee is truly a national treasure. It sweeps visitors into an 11,000 year-old story.


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NASCAR Hall of Fame

Not just a draw for race fans, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is the perfect venue to demonstrate math and science lessons inherent to the sport. After all, the intricate mechanics and complex mathematics involved are as essential to NASCAR as the fast cars and famous drivers that captivate the masses. Endless possibilities at this engaging attraction connect racing with valuable learning experiences. Read More »

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Henricus, a sweet and ‘healthie’ site

America’s early existence grew slowly, but with direction along the shores of the James River, from the founding of several new English-built communities in 1600s Virginia Territory of North America. The first successful one was Jamestown in 1607; another one was Henricus, built in 1611 at a “sweet and healthie site” 80 miles upriver from Jamestown, just below the water falls of modern-day Richmond. Along this fertile Eastern Woodlands river more than 30 communities of the Powhatan Chiefdom (under the leadership of Chief Powhatan) hunted, gathered and farmed this land. Henricus, named for the eldest son, Henry — of King James I of England. Sir Thomas Dale intended for this “citie” to eventually replace Jamestown as the new “principal seat of the County.” Read More »

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See, touch and feel nature at Virginia Living Museum

Students of all ages see, touch and experience science like never before at the Virginia Living Museum, the mid-Atlantic region’s premier science education facility. The museum introduces students to more than 250 living species native to Virginia through exhibits, discovery centers and interactive hands-on activities. All of the museum’s exhibits correlate with and reinforce Virginia’s Standards of Learning for Science (SOLs) and national science standards. While taking a tour of the geographic regions of Virginia, students can observe: Read More »

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Norfolk: Discover the Mysteries of the Deep Blue Sea Have fun learning

Surrounded almost entirely by water, Norfolk, VA is the ideal destination for action-packed, affordable educational tours. With an endless amount of outdoor activities, historical and cultural attractions, this riverside city offers exciting choices for new learning.

Students become researchers discovering the wonders of African wildlife at Norfolk’s Virginia Zoological Park. Be prepared to learn how to do an observation by practicing in a classroom and then venturing out into the African exhibit. Learners will also discover how animal populations interact in the wild or in a captive situation. Newly constructed is the Norfolk Southern Express where three cars can accommodate up to 66 passengers — adults and children. The ride includes live narration from the train engineer about the zoo and its collection of plants and animals.

Read More »

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Christmas Town A Busch Gardens celebration

Start a new family tradition at Christmas Town:  A Busch Gardens Celebration. Virginia’s newest Christmas-time offering combines an immersive holiday experience with one-of-a-kind shopping and dining opportunities, all-new holiday shows and a spectacular light-dancing Christmas tree. Read More »

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