A Social Imperative Building a 21st century education system

The world has changed dramatically and will continue to do so exponentially. The industrial economy of the last century has been supplanted by a service economy driven by information, knowledge and innovation. In this environment, manual labor and routine tasks have given way to collaborative, non-routine and thinking tasks.

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Rigor and Relevance Preparing students for a 21st century world


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What Should Be the Function of a K-12 STEM Education?

(This is part two of a three part series on STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — education.)

One of the recommendations of the committee for Rising Above the Gathering Storm is the creation of K-12 curriculum materials modeled on a world-class standard. This would help to foster high quality teaching with world-class curricula, standards and assessments of student learning.

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Teaching Basic Communication Skills

A student who can’t communicate effectively can’t compete in the modern world. This is why teaching effective communication skills must serve as the cornerstone for any program preparing young people for the 21st century.

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Depth of Knowledge in the 21st Century

As a principal of (fictitious) Memorial Junior High, and an observer of classroom sessions on a regular basis, no one can tell Jim more about the different teaching styles employed in his school. Although he notes the contrast in styles from one teacher to the next, he often wonders about the effectiveness of each approach.“What separates one teacher from the rest?”

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Games Have a Long History in American Education

In July 1859, the editors of Scientific American magazine made a cautionary plea to their readers.A game was gaining popularity in America, and it was having a deleterious effect on the youth,“robbing the mind of valuable time that might be devoted to nobler acquirements.” The game was described as“cheerless,” “pernicious,”and “a mere amusement of inferior character.” It was “mental gladiatorship.” The game in question: chess.

Today, chess is seen as an example of an appropriate game in

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Virtual High School Global Consortium: The Past, Present and Future

Like most innovative organizations, Virtual High School Global Consortium, the pioneer of online learning for middle and high school students and course design for teachers, had a grassroots beginning. What started in 1996 as a five year project funded by a federal Department of Education grant, has turned into a global phenomenon. In 2001, following the success of the program, a non-profit organization was formed and opened its doors to schools and students worldwide. Over the last 13 years,Virtual High School Global Consortium (VHS) has evolved its online learning model so as to advance other people’s thinking about the possibilities of online learning, as well as to maximize the new tools that are constantly becoming available.

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Visual Journals Move Teachers and Students Beyond Traditional Learning

David Modler doesn’t mind strangers reading his journal.

“I like to see people look in my jour-nal,”said Modler,39,apublic school arts educator of more than 15 years and a North Carolina Center for the a decade of art education experience in Virginia’s public schools when he moved

For a decade, Modler has kept a visual journal, a creative combination of images and words. Candy wrappers and ticket stubs might find their way onto his journal pages, or a phrase that catches his ear. His journal is his calendar, a place to record lesson plans, his notebook at meetings. Sometimes it contains his grocery list. Paint, collage, drawings, and writing fill his pages, which are never technically complete — he might return months later to add another layer of thoughts or images. He works in his journal daily, and it helps him better understand his life.

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The Changing Face of Computing 21st century computing for 21st century schools

Districts, administrators, and parents all have the same goal: ensure that children have the necessary tools to attain success.Technology proficiency is now undoubtedly one of those tools.

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Integrating Technology for the 21st Century School

“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,atale of a fatefultrip...” Most ofus will recognize these lines as the opening song from the popular TV show Gilligan’s Island.The majority of us were born into a world where television was exploding. Many of us may remember black-and-white television, watching the moon landing, or having only one television in the home, if any. Those of us in this group speak in a language that relies heavily on cultural references that were shaped and formed by television. We know about Luke and Laura, who shot JR, and “where’s the beef?” For us, there were only three networks.

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Oodles of Google — Free Tools for Teachers

Are you looking for a safe solution to streamline basic electronic services, such as e-mail and online collaboration, without the headaches of developing content from scratch? Google Apps for Education (http://bit.ly/GoogleAppsEd) is for teachers who desire to provide resources to foster innovation and collaboration.

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Web Safety Learning in a Web 2.0 World

For teachers and students, there’s no question that the web has become an invaluable learning tool. Interactive study programs, limitless research materials, and online tools such as math problem solvers, word pronouncers and various other tutorials have become essential to modern students. While the web is a cornucopia of information, it can also be a hazard. Read More »

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FROM the EDITOR Winter 2009

Depending on who you are, 21st Century Learning may be learning with technology, learning with rigor and relevance, learning to communicate, learning about our place in the global marketplace, learning about health, learning about our civic responsibilities, learning to think critically and creatively, learning to master our core subjects, learning life and career skills and learning to be good leaders. 

21st Century Learning is all these things and more. It is a set of skills. But more than that, 21st Century Learning is a philosophy of learning that says “I do not exist in a vacuum. In addition to knowledge and understanding of my academic subjects, I need to be able to communicate, interact with others, and work in tandem with other people and other cultures to create a common good.”

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Math Moments with Maggie Full Contact Math

It’s 8:30 a.m. and the buzz and chatter in the room subside.

“Good morning,”says the announcer to the 60-plus teachers sitting at tables throughout the room, each hopeful that the day will be worthwhile, bringing new light to his/her math teaching.


Introductions are delivered and the guest speaker steps up to the micro-phone.There is a brief pause.

“Has anyone here ever eaten a mango?” she asks.

The audience hesitates briefly before several hands go up.

Maria’s hand is not raised.The speaker addresses the rest of the group.

“I would like the rest of you to explain mangoes to Maria so that she understands. Can you do that?”


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Solving the Dropout Problem

There are five major causes of students dropping out of school:

  1. The child him/herself
  2. The family situation
  3. The community they live in
  4. The school environment
  5. The teacher(s) they have

In order to prevent students from dropping out of school, we must attack


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Get Your Students Ready for High Tech Planet

If your students are lost in cyberspace, it’s past time to get them ready for the High Tech Planet we live on today. So many students believe that they’ll be able to slide by without an education and skills. Here are powerful, innovative interventions that challenge this belief by revealing the new realities of our ever more high tech world. Each issue, this column includes free worksheets and this issue is no exception. Check out these attention-grabbing handouts. Read More »

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Does Your District’s Curriculum Triangle Resemble the Bermuda Triangle?

(This is part two of a two part series. Part one introduced the Curriculum Leadership Institute (CLI) and its school improvement model. The illustration depicts the model’s major components.)

The focus of part one was the center of the triangle, the governance structure of the model. Governance includes development and implementation of board policy for how curriculum, instruction and assessment are handled in the district. It also creates a governing body that represents all stakeholders in making decisions and taking action on major issues related to student learning.

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Adolescent Literacy A Schoolwide Approach

There has been a growing interest in recent years in adolescent literacy, especially as Americans become more concerned about the economic and civic health of the nation. Literacy skills are necessary more than ever to succeed in college and work, as well as to manage the everyday life demands of an increasingly more complex society and world economy.

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Margaret Shepherd’s Mission Yesterday, today and tomorrow: the Oakland way

Margaret Shepherd, founder of Oakland School, was a true pioneer in the field of special education. She understood that children whom many educators and adults called “lazy” or “dumb,”were actually bright and simply “learned differently.”Her goal was to discover individual students’ learning styles, strengths and weaknesses and to teach to the whole child, encouraging students’ strengths and overcoming weaknesses. Mrs. Shepherd was a true believer that every child can learn, given the appropriate teaching in the appropriate environment. This goal, along with motivation, determination and her love of education and children, inspired her to begin Oakland School in 1950.

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Asheville School’s Humanities Program Wins National Praise

It’s been nearly five years since Asheville School first adopted a new approach to teaching Humanities, and now educators at some of the top institutions across the U.S. are beginning to take notice. Sarah Wilson, a seventh-year Humanities teacher at the school has witnessed the birth of this innovative program and has seen it grow and blossom into the cerebral powerhouse it has now become. The original conception of the Humanities program at Asheville School five years ago started small, asking freshmen English and history teachers to align their curriculum and team-teach three days a week in the classroom, for 90-minute periods. This was, admittedly, a difficult task, though the school quickly understood that it was a task well worth the effort. “We realized, even in that first year, that it was the right fit — that it was going to work,” said Wilson.

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A Living, Learning Community

Some teachers say they live with their work. I actually live with my students, teenage students, no less. We’re talking 12 to15 year olds. Adolescents. These are kids with mood swings and stinky feet. These are kids who want to be independent, but need you to tuck them into bed when they don’t feel well. I live with five of them.

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Mississippi State University’s Elementary Education Program Poised to meet the needs of a global population

In 1999, Northeast Mississippi Community College (NMCC) and Mississippi State University (MSU) launched the Northeast Pilot Project (NPP). The purpose behind the development of NPP was to embark on a project that combined both the talent and resources of the northeast region of the state as a means to address the critical shortage of quality teachers in public education. NPP attended to this national concern through the recruitment of rural, minority student populations that too often are underrepresented across two-year and four-year institutions. In turn, these students had the opportunity to participate in an innovative and challenging learning environment that took full advantage of non-traditional formats of instructional delivery to channel their wealth of ability, motivation and aptitude into elementary classrooms.

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Environmental Education at Florida Atlantic University

Some of us are born leaders, some of us are born followers and some of us are born advisors. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t an advisor. It all began in kindergarten, many more years ago than I care to admit.As a result, it seemed only natural, when the dean of my college asked me how I’d go about creating a unique graduate degree in environmental education, a degree that would include all of the colleges in the university,

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Teaching the Net Generation: Strategies and Skills

The Net Generation, born between 1980 and 2000, is the largest and most diverse generation in US history.The oldest members of this generation will be turning 30 in the year 2010, while the youngest are still in elementary school.Teachers from elementary through graduate school have been working hard to meet the learning needs of this generation, which differ significantly from previous ones. In fact, some of these very teachers are Net Generation.What strategies do teacher educators model to their students who will become teachers of Net Generation students?

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Technology as a Leadership Tool

Among the most common educational buzz words we hear today are “diversified teaching,”“cooperative learning groups,”“instructional differentiation”and most predominately the “infusion of technology” into the learning environment.

Educators sometimes think of “technology”as hardware and software and often confuse these budget lines with “infusion of technology in the classroom.”How mistaken they are! Technology should be considered hands on, vibrant and a vast new resource for researching, participating, teaching, learning and communicating. It is has not only replaced the print media in many vital areas but has added a dimension to research and education that can be both time saving, and efficient as well as providing the most –up to date knowledge in the field.

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Digitally Literate Teachers Needed

The technology-based global economy has changed the nature of work and the types of skills needed in most fields and professions. In industrialized nations, the economic base is shifting from industry to information. Countries, institutions, and individuals are facing significant shifts in the global environment characterized by several important factors:

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Excellence in Online Learning Through Flexible Course Design

Online distance learning opens up education options to learners who have busy personal schedules or who live in remote geographic locations. Whatever the reason, many do not have easy access to traditional higher education environments. Recent advances in interactive web-based learning tools make online education an Practices in Online Learning, this impression is not based on fact.

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Professional Development for the Virtual School Setting

Virtual high schools are beginning to be a common topic in K-12 districts as educators seek ways to meet the needs of today’s students and families. An essential element for virtual high school implementation is professional development for teachers who will be instructors in the online courses offered. The Poway Unified School District has implemented a professional development model for online teaching and learning as part of a strategic plan developed in 2008, addressing the needs of 21st century learners. Their successful model was developed in collaboration with a professor who brought expertise in effective strategies, pedagogy and standards recognized as essential for online learning.

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National Board Certification A growing movement in school reform

This fall, a select group of educators began the new school year as National Board Certified Teachers, recently joining the ranks of tens of thousands of accomplished teachers throughout the nation who are changing the learning culture of the classrooms they work in.

These exemplars of the teaching profession have achieved National Board Certification, a voluntary assessment program designed to develop, recognize and retain accomplished teachers.

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Classroom Assessment Equals Feedback About Learning

Think back to the time when you were learning to drive.What did you need to learn? How did you know you had learned it? On the first day of a driver’s education class, a young woman we’ll call Arlene Freidman, was the first one to drive. She drove down the street, around the corner, up on the curb, and stopped short of a huge tree only because the teacher, Mr. Kay, put his foot on the auxiliary brake pedal installed in front of his spot in the passenger seat of the driver’s education car. Arlene had not known where the brake pedal was, but you can be sure she never again forgot because she was actively involved in the situation, she received immediate feedback, and she got lots more practice before she engaged in assessment OF learning — the road test for her driver’s license.

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Making a World of Difference Through Online Global Education

In his May 2009 address to the Arab world, President Obama promised to invest in online learning and called for the creation of a “new online network, so a young person in Kansas can communicate instantly with a person in Cairo.”

To all of us at the International Education and Resource Network, (iEARN) this sounded a little familiar. That’s because for the past 21 years, iEARN-USA has been doing just that: Connecting teachers and students online from the United States to classrooms all over the world.

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Expanded Learning Programs are School Improvement Strategies Afterschool, summer school and community school

What does afterschool mean to you? Is it fun and games, academic enrichment, basketball, remediation, or something else? Afterschool programs have existed in the United States for more than a century, and the concept has evolved and changed through the years.

In the 1990s, with the passage of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers legislation, afterschool programs embraced a range of academic, athletic, artistic, and youth development activities, and experienced significant growth nationwide.

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Student Centered Coaching

Over the past two decades, school-based coaching has gone from being rare in the mid 1990s to commonplace today. Educators are in agreement that the goal of coaching is to improve student learning by providing continuous, relevant and job-embedded support to teachers. Now that coaching is more firmly rooted in many of our schools, and becoming newly established in others, we have to wonder about its impact. We have to consider whether coaching is improving student learning as we had hoped it would. And if it hasn’t, we have to reconsider the approach we’ve taken thus far so that we can ensure that coaching impacts student achievement in meaningful ways.

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How Schools Can Make Room for Play

Kindergarten has changed radically in recent years. Child-initiated play and hands-on learning are out; relentless literacy and math instruction and standardized tests are in.

One cause of these changes is pressure from middle-class parents who believe that the earlier their children learn to read the better they will do in school — even though no evidence supports this assumption.A second cause is concern about the so-called achievement gap between children from low-income families and their middle-class and affluent peers. Education policymakers assume that a heavily didactic, and even scripted approach focused on the basics of literacy and math is most effective, though we know of no evidence that bears this out.

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Positive Behavior Support A power vehicle for preparing 21st century citizens

No doubt about it, society has changed drastically over the past 250 years.We have moved from a largely rural, agrarian village-based culture to one that is global, urban, ruled by technology, and information-driven.This relatively rapid transformation has generated a myriad of massive challenges — changing climate, global water shortage, dwindling food growing regions, and a worldwide economic crisis, to name a few.

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Start Now Searching for Scholarships

At a time when there is almost nobody who isn’t “tweeting” on Twitter or “friending” one another on Facebook, it is incredible how many people still seem reticent to spend a similar amount of time online finding and applying for scholarships in the most efficient manner possible — the free college scholarship search. Note my use of, and emphasis on, the word “free,” as there is no need to spend money to find scholarships.

Although most scholarships target high school seniors, students can begin finding and applying for scholarships as early as freshman year in high school. For the best chance to get all the scholarships available to them, students should search early and often, using a free college scholarship search service such as Scholarships.com, by junior year in high school.

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Laser Engraving Equipment Makes Big Splash in Schools Students and teachers find innovative uses for cutting-edge technology

Cumberland Valley High School uses it in the classroom, but also to create awards for faculty, staff and students.

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Bridging the Gap Bringing technology into the ELA classroom

Alan Sitomer teaches English at Lynwood High School in Lynwood, Calif. The school has a dropout rate of approximately 12 percent and is over 99 percent minority. Over 50 percent of its students are considered economically disadvantaged. Class sizes have ballooned and now average 25 students per class.And yet, the school’s test scores have steadily climbed since 2003, led in part by Sitomer’s classes, whose scores are soaring above even state averages.

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Letter Sounds the Key to Reading Success

“I know my letter sounds!”

We want all our children to be able to say this by the end of kindergarten, yet so many of our at-risk students struggle to learn these all important foundation skills for reading and spelling. Statistics indicate that over 30 percent of children starting school are at-risk for development and learning problems.

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Reading: Finding a Comprehensive Solution

Earlier this year the Southern Regional Education Board advised its 16 member states to design a comprehensive set of policies to improve reading for middle and high school students. David S. Spence, president of the board, stated,“it’s obvious that we get kids reading or decoding by grade four or five...but in terms of higher-level reading, reading comprehension, we just don’t do it.”

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Refocusing on Technology in Education

Since 2001, schools were demanded to teach more, test more, and pay more for fuel and energy, and to do all that with reduced funding. During these years, priorities naturally turned from upgrading aging computers, to making sure the tests were administered and washrooms were stocked with toilet paper.

President Obama’s ARRA and EETT stimulus programs are a giant step in the right direction, but money is not the only thing needed.

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School Based Healthcare

(This is part one of a three part series.)

A Problem and An Opportunity - Every day too many of our nation’s youth go without affordable, high quality health services. If a student is unhealthy and does not have access to health care, he/she will experience health and social problems that compromise academic potential, resulting in missed classes, poor academic performance, and even school failure.

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H1N1 in Your School The best prevention and protection

Your students’ health is a big deal to you, and it should be a big deal to your school. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has said that possibly 30,000 to 90,000 deaths, mostly among young children and young adults, could occur within the year. Up to as many as 300,000 may even need intensive care treatment at hospitals. Since the virus was first discovered during the spring, over 100 countries have been introduced to the H1N1 virus, causing the classification of PANDEMIC.Vaccines are now available, but are they your only defense?

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Playgrounds, the Place Kids Get Hurt And also learn, have fun, be healthy and grow

Would you be surprised to learn that 80 percent of school injuries happen on the playground, according to The National Program for Playground Safety? The majority of injuries are caused by falls — 70 to 80 percent — according to the National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI). over 186,000 children are injured in the United States every year says Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The types of injuries range from sprained ankles to fatalities.

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The ABCs of Fundraising

The truth is, no one knows for sure how fundraising originated, but its roots can be traced back to the late 19th century, a time when bake sales, barn dances and book peddling were popular ways to raise money for schools and churches.

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Choosing a Retirement Community

You won’t find today’s grandparents in rocking chairs. In fact, you probably won’t find them at home most of the time. Their calendars are full, their travel schedules are packed (along with suitcases) and maintenance free living is what they want.

Most retirees know what kind of lifestyle they want, but are confused by the numerous opportunities for residential communities. The initial discovery process can be overwhelming and time consuming. Such an important decision requires thoughtful planning and research.

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The New Senior Class

Mary, a retired kindergarten teacher sips her coffee and reviews her schedule for the day — at 10 a.m. her watercolor and oils class, concert lunch at noon, Science and Theology class at 2 p.m. She’ll try to get by the pool for the 4 p.m. aerobics class.Tonight’s plans are already made — she and her husband Jim, a retired NCAA track coach, will join seven others for dinner and finish the evening by catching an off-Broadway performance of Rent.

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Discover Columbus, GA

Teachers, tell your students you’re taking them on an adventure outside of the classroom that they will never forget and then bring them to Columbus, Georgia for some exciting activities! Read More »

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Great Season to Explore South Carolina

Late fall and winter is a great time to get out and play in South Carolina, for young and old and families of all shapes and sizes.

The Palmetto State’s outdoor offerings for those who like to go on foot range from rugged mountain trails, to flat, accessible walkways through peaceful maritime forests, at some of the state’s most popular beachfront parks.


And the weather’s great. Fall color dies late in South Carolina and winter itself is mild, with a bit of snow and freezing rain in the Upstate interspersing generally sunny skies and highs in the 40s to 60s, and even the occasional 70s along the southeast coast.

Forget ice skating here. How about driving to the top of the Blue Ridge Escarpment and admiring the view from Caesars Head State Park and devoting a couple hours to hiking down to 400-foot Raven Cliff Falls? Also nearby are Jones Gap State Park with its hiking and fishing in the pristine trout waters of the Middle Saluda River (the park also has a nature center) and iconic Table Rock State Park, with its namesake mountain, cabins and camping and some both dramatic and easy trails. Because this is where the mountains end suddenly, there are lots of waterfalls everywhere — to many an easy hike from the road.


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Discover Berkeley County, SC

Re-defining Adventure

Just outside Charleston, SC, is Berkeley County, known  for its natural beauty, scenic landscape, rich culture and exciting history. Groups and families especially enjoy the year-round gorgeous weather. Known for its natural beauty, scenic landscape, rich culture and exciting history, Berkeley County is luring more and more visitors each year.

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Skiing — An Accessible Winter Exercise to Complement Physical Activities for Students

Approximately one in five young people between the ages of six and 17 are overweight. There is an epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States and around the world. Millions of these young people face a higher risk much earlier in life of developing diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke and some types of cancer.


The two main contributing factors are a plentiful supply of food high in calories, fat and sugar and a lack of physical activity.

Part of the solution could involve re-introducing mandatory physical activities in public schools. Another important aspect is parents taking a corrective role in their child’s physical activity and dietary habits.


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Group Planner Available to Plan Your School Trip

Planning a student tour to the Tidewater and Hampton Roads area of Virginia just got easier with the release of the newly revised 2009-2011 Newport News Group Planner. Published by the Newport News Tourism Development Office (NNTDO), this free 96-page publication is the most comprehensive guide available for those planning a student trip to this vibrant area of Virginia.

The planner features complete information on all Newport News attractions, including operating hours, holiday closings, rates, touring times, special tours and the availability of gift includes a hotel’s AAA rating, number of shops and on-site dining. In addition to rooms, rack rate, tour and travel compli-Newport News information, the free mentary policy, room and/or lobby Wiplanner also lists other nearby attrac-Fi and motorcoach parking availability. tions that would be of interest to student The publication also highlights 51 groups, including Colonial Williamsburg, group-friendly restaurants, listed by Jamestown and Yorktown, as well as the cuisine.

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Megalodon, Largest Shark that Ever Lived Exhibits at the Virginia Living Museum this fall

You may have seen the movie Jaws,but you’ve never seen jaws like these.They belonged to a behemoth 60 feet long, whose giant mouth bristled with 276 teeth. Read More »

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Setting the Stage for Learning They’ve never seen Shakespeare quite like this

During the 2009/2010 school year, Hampton Roads and Southeastern Virginia students will have a unique opportunity through the Virginia Arts Festival’s WorldClass Education Program to experience the Bard’s plays — all 37 of them in just 97 whirlwind minutes — in a way that’s sure to have them laughing and learning at the same time. Read More »

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Hands-On Learning Adventures Outside the Classroom in Norfolk, VA

This season, whether during a fieldtrip or weekend stay, students who visit the port city of Norfolk,VA will see their schoolbooks come to life.While in Norfolk, not only will they have the opportunity to learn more about history, art, science and the mysteries of the deep blue sea, but experience them as well — and have fun while doing it!

Those interested in deep-sea exploration have also come to the right place! Located right next door to USS Wisconsin, Norfolk’s interactive science center, NAUTICUS, features more than 150 nautical exhibits, including a simulated destroyer, saltwater aquariums, computer and video interactive films on a giant screen, exotic aquaria, touch pools and national-caliber traveling exhibits.

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The SEEN Interview Darryl Rosser - As CEO of Sagus International, he’s helping create 21st Century Schools

SEEN Magazine: You appear to be on a mission, that of remaking our country’s educational landscape. In 2008 you challenged your company’s 800 plus employees to find a way to have a more direct impact on the ability of children to learn. What was the reason for this?

Darryl Rosser: I am on a mission. I feel that as CEO of a company that manufactures furniture largely for schools, we are in a position where we can have a significant impact on improving the educational process. Our mission is to enhance the physical environment to improve results in education. We believe that by committing all of our resources to understanding the changing needs of education, and by collaborating with channel partners, end users, architects, designers, and thought leaders, Sagus can positively impact educational results in America.

Less than two years ago we decided that as a company we wanted a higher mission than just selling school furniture.

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Explore Florida Outdoors

Now is a great time to enjoy many educational outdoor activities in the Sunshine State.With cooler temperatures in most states, outdoor activities in Florida abound for all ages. Teachers and students can find outdoor adventures that make learning fun and exciting throughout Florida. Following are destinations and activities to help you explore Florida outdoors! Read More »

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Where Does Physical Education Belong in Our Schools?

 Physical education (PE) is at the intersection of at least three major academic thoroughfares. PE has roots in exercise and sports science, and represents a primary means of applying the science. PE is itself a pedagogical field and is practiced within educational systems. The public health field claims PE as a health intervention that is of increasing value due to the childhood obesity epidemic. Major intersections

are often centers of culture and commerce, but the turf surrounding PE is often contested.
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Who Took My Chalk?

A group that started as an organization primarily geared at providing teachers with computer training,

The EdVenture Group has grown and diversified its offerings since its beginning. Since 2001, The EdVenture Group has expanded its services to focus on a wide array of education and business consulting efforts, professional development opportunities, and curriculum development projects throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania and many other states.
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