COVID-19 Teacher Survey

Few professions have been as heavily impacted by the pandemic as teaching. On top of budget shortfalls and widening equity gaps, social-distancing measures have forced educators to adapt to a completely new style of instruction virtually overnight. ... More >>

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Vaping Epidemic Middle School and High School Students Show Extreme Increase in E-Cigarette Use

In the early 1800s, cigarettes became popular in the United States. It was not until the 1950s and 1960s that medical reports confirmed the dangers of smoking cigarettes. It took almost 200 years to detect the extreme health risks of tobacco smoking... More >>

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For a family to become a “sports family” and for a child to become a “student-athlete,” then two things need to take place. The family unit needs to be physically active and the child/children need to have regular — ideally daily — Physical Educatio... More >>

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Nutrition and Its Role in Promoting Mental Health

“Hangry” is a term that has become increasingly popular. There are books focused on the topic of hangry, t-shirts, posters and even “hangry” kits or care-packages that you can buy for your friends and family. As funny as the term sounds, hangry is a... More >>

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A is for Apple Healthy Habits for Educators

We just finished talking about nutrition and the students’ brain. But how does nutrition affect you as a teacher? When you’re an educator, you’re constantly on the move during the school day. might grab a candy bar from the vending mac... More >>

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Transgender Teens New Challenges for Teachers in a New World

I want to talk about a whole new challenge for teachers: making sure they handle transgender students with sensitivity and understanding. According to a CDC study that was released in January 2019, nearly two percent of high school students identify... More >>

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Physical Inactivity in America A Quiet, National Killer

One of the biggest keys to my success in life has been physical activity — on a daily basis. I attribute my success in life to a P.E. teacher and his class back in my hometown of Wrightsville, Georgia. Back then, P.E. was a life changer for me and i... More >>


What's for Lunch?

Since 1946, the USDA Child Nutrition Programs has maintained a mission of providing healthy school meals to children all across America in grades K12. Today, this federally funded program serves lunch to 31 million children and breakfast to 14 milli... More >>



The start of the school season brings the start of the fall and winter sports. Many of us equate fall sports, especially, with one word: football. While this is a natural and correct assumption, there are other fall and winters sports that people ar... More >>


Building Relationships with Students who have Experienced Trauma

What is trauma? How may trauma affect my student’s academic performance? What can I do as a teacher to help students who have experienced trauma? What are ACEs and how do they affect my students? These are commonly asked questions by teachers and pr... More >>

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Family Intervention

For individuals with disabilities, the success of intervention depends on many variables. Providing evidence-based effective treatment, ongoing staff training and feedback, and identifying appropriate goals, for example, all influence the extent to ... More >>

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The Possibilities of Mutualism

Dis-Integrated Learning I started teaching at a nationally recognized high school in Fairfax, Virginia. Our test scores, graduation rate and college acceptance numbers were strong. Yet the only time faculty members gathered outside of their d... More >>

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STRENGTHENING Family-School Partnerships

When my children started elementary school, my wife and I wanted to make sure their school had all the tools and resources needed to help them and their classmates succeed. We didn’t have all the answers and needed guidance in navigating the sc... More >>

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A Guide to Difficult Conversations

As educators we are, by the nature of our work, faced with many opportunities to have difficult conversations. These occur with students, with parents, and sometimes even with each other.  Our job is, at its core, to help people grow and learn. To d... More >>

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Engaging Families

This last week I received a tee shirt from a friend. Across the front were the words ALLEGEDLY RETIRED. That’s very true for me. When I left my position as superintendent of a county school system, I lasted all of 20 minutes. Then it was time to get... More >>

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