Measurement Incorporated : MI Write

For the past five years, PEG Writing - an award-winning automated scoring software by Measurement Incorporated - became a trusted name in formative writing assessment. Last year, over 10,000 teachers and 350,000 students across the country used PEG ... More >>

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Gifted English Language Learners

Who are Gifted English Language Learners and are we fulfilling their educational needs? There is often a stereotypical definition of gifted students, but does this view include gifted learners at risk; gifted students of poverty; bilingual and immig... More >>

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Twice Exceptional: Gifted Chaos The Intersection of Giftedness and Learning Disabilities

Twice-exceptional students, often abbreviated as “2e,” are high ability children with varying learning disabilities. They are exceptional both because of their intellectual gifts and because of their special needs. More >>

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Equity in Educational Practices: Coaching Teachers to Implement Evidence-Based Practices with All Students

When we examine student performance data in education, we see drastic ranges that correlate to a variety of factors which include, but are not limited to, class sizes, average funding per student, percent of students with disabilities, and use of ev... More >>

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The Promise of EQUITY

Exclusion and Inclusion Education for all has a short history. Just a couple hundred years ago — a blink of an eye in the human story — education was strictly limited to the privileged. Even today, equality is still taking root in education. ... More >>

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Personalized Learning and Equity: Back to School

There are many educators who have developed a passion for the concept of personalized learning. I am one of those educators. Who can argue with an approach to learning that embraces customization of learning based on the strengths, needs, skills and... More >>

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Starting the New Year with a Positive Perception of Change

When starting a new school year, every administrator thinks about how to bring about positive change. We hear a lot about making data-driven decisions, and yes, I’ll bet every school district waits for those all-important standardized test scores to... More >>

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A Clean Slate for the New School Year

Don’t confuse me with the facts; my mind is already made up! How many times have you seen someone act as if they’re thinking that?  More >>

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School Design Inspired By Nature

When we heard the news of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the K-12 Education Studio at Cooper Carry, like the rest of the world, took a moment to reflect. We hit pause in the midst of several important projects to convene and d... More >>

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Does Maintaining Facilities Matter?

Quality learning environments have been found to exert a positive influence on students’ educational performance.  Research indicates that it is not important if the building is old or new, as long as it is a comfortable, well-lit, and healthy learn... More >>

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When Failing A Student Is A Gift

The educational system is a hierarchy, and sometimes you may feel that you’re just a powerless cog in a giant machine. You want to do what’s right and have a lasting impact, but there are outside forces at work — school counselors, coaches, principa... More >>

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Attitude is Key

I retired a few years ago for about for 20 minutes. I knew that was all I was going to be able to stand of sitting on my back porch. It’s a lovely porch with a creek and everything, but I wasn’t ready for it yet. It was time to go do other things, t... More >>

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Designing Educational Spaces to Inspire Divergent Thinking

Creativity is essential to modern leadership. Several decades ago, our economy was based on knowledge and skillset, but today, our economy is driven by ideas, innovation and creative thinking.  More >>

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Motivation, a Collective Goal for the Architect and Educator

Daniel Pink, in his popular TED talk “The Puzzle of Motivation,” outlines the collected evidence on motivation and performance. His compelling argument effectively condemns the way we structure the majority of our businesses, and it could be argued ... More >>

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People say that seeing the world through rose-colored glasses is a bad thing, but I don’t agree. Sometimes putting on rose-colored glasses doesn’t only make things look rosy — it changes them for real! And what better place for this to be true tha... More >>

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