Ensure Your Risk Assessment Is More Assessment Than Risks

In a post-Parkland America, state lawmakers have earmarked over $250 million in school safety grants in states along the Southeastern coast line from Virginia through Florida alone. More >>

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How Safe are our Schools? Violent Threats And Incidents In Schools: An Analysis of the 2017-2018 School Year

On February 14, 2018, the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida became the spark that once again ignited a national conversation about violence in schools.  More >>

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It’s Time to Get Serious about School Safety

Even with the unprecedented amount of money available in the 2018/2019 academic year for school safety and security, most schools will not reach a level of sustainable safety.  More >>

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Modernizing Security on Campus

As a parent, I am grateful that my daughters not only received a great education but had no major safety issues throughout their years in school.  However, as a security technology professional, I recognize that our school campuses are woefully in n... More >>

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Collaboratively Approaching Emergency Preparedness, Prevention and Response

Schools strive to be safe environments for their students, staff and visitors. However, the numerous acts of school violence this year alone have served as a catalyst for an urgent discussion about school safety.  More >>

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Case Study A Practical and Effective Approach to Safety

Soon after I joined Great Oaks Career Campuses as their Coordinator of Safety and Security, several in the district leadership team asked me, “Al, if you were to win the lottery and not come to work tomorrow, how would we know everything you do to k... More >>

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Lessons Learned From Sandy Hook Still Apply

It has been more than five years since I lost my daughter, Emilie, during the Sandy Hook school shooting. While a lot has changed in my life since then, as I reflect back, many of the lessons we learned from the shooting are still applicable. ... More >>

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Protecting Students from Sexual Misconduct by School Staff

This past spring, viewers around the nation watched the FBI’s manhunt for former Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins and a then 15-year-old student. The news coverage of the ordeal included testimonials from schoolmates and Cummins’ former students statin... More >>

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Increasing School Safety While Reducing Liability

Day-to-Day Management = Crisis Management Most schools conduct annual or biannual drills on significant activities such as active shooter, tornado or bomb threats. It is critically important to conduct these drills as they allow the organization ... More >>

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Educators & Ed-tech Stewards of Privacy

The use of educational technology is growing at an astounding rate in the U.S. and that growth raises privacy concerns from students, parents, teachers, and administrators regarding the collection and use of their data.  In response to these concern... More >>

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School Security Gets Its Head in the Clouds Deploying Modern Video Surveillance in Educational Institutions

Schools, universities and colleges have always viewed safety as a high priority. These institutions are the keepers of our society’s most valuable asset, our future. Keeping students and staff safe is crucial to an exceptional educational experience... More >>

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Cyberbullying — the use of technology to threaten, harass, humiliate or target another person — is a serious problem at schools nationwide. In several high-profile cases, cyberbullying was cited as a key factor in teen suicides, prompting parents,... More >>

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The deadliest phase of an active shooter is over in the first four to eight minutes, statistically before the police can arrive and deploy. This means your teachers, employees and staff are the first responders. You’re on your own. An active shooter... More >>

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So, what is a background check? There are many kinds of background checks carried out for various reasons. The specific type discussed in this article is an employment background check — employment can be paid or volunteer — and is the compiling of ... More >>

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Wireless is quickly becoming the standard in the security marketplace. Installed in residential homes, commercial buildings, banks, historical sites, hospitals and educational campuses of all sizes, wireless security systems allow all the capabiliti... More >>

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