Games in the Classroom

It goes without saying that in the world of STEM education, games are a huge part of the curriculum. Many people don’t realize just how educational games can be and how to repurpose these activities into lessons students’ can use in life. Here’s on... More >>

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Virtual Reality: An Innovative Vision for Education

Many of us recall the old Victorian era stereoscopes and View Masters of prior decades. Still images right before our eyes literally provided us with an up-close examination of an old cowboy sitting on his horse or zoo animals feeding in captivity. ... More >>

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Gamification in Learning Apps Why Does it Improve Learning?

Gamification is the use of game design and mechanics to enhance non-game contexts and it’s a big buzzword in education these days. It seems like everywhere we look people are advocating making learning more “game-like” in the hopes that students wil... More >>

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How to Introduce Students to Stem It’s not as intimidating as it seems

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. As our digital world evolves, STEM is becoming increasingly important to innovation. According to the U.S. Department of Education, experts are predicting a steady rise in STEM careers.  More >>

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12 STEM Tips for Elementary School Teachers

Familiarity with STEM continues to increase as we progress further into the 21st century and transformational learning and teaching.  More >>

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The Face of STEM Where are the Women?

We know our world and culture is changing rapidly. There is a new invention and new innovation introduced to us daily that changes the way we live our lives. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills and jobs are the backbone of... More >>

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The desired long-term impact of STEM: Grow skills and boost the local economy

Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. Just hearing these words individually can cause concern in many students. However, bring the subjects together under the STEM umbrella, and students’ ears begin to perk in curiosity. More >>

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STEM: Do we need another acronym?

I love acronyms. TESOL, OT, PTA, SPED, AP, ELL, SEI, RTI and the list goes on. As a teacher, my love for acronyms may be rooted in a deep desire to help make things easy to remember, simple to understand and clearly applicable. My favorite acro... More >>

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Parents around the country say the math their children are bringing looks vastly different from what they themselves learned as students, but they are starting to see the benefits. In Freeport, Ill., parent Ron Halter recently put it this way i... More >>


Purchasing Instructional Materials WHAT YOU CHOOSE AND HOW YOU CHOOSE MATTERS

Purchasing Quality Instructional Materials Selecting the right curriculum is a high-stakes, legacy decision. Some districts adopt as often as every few years while others wait decades before making new procurement decisions. Too often we at ... More >>


AMAZON OR GOOGLE Might Know More About Your Students Than You Do

It’s amazing what digital tools can learn about us by simply watching what we do —whether that is shopping for books or music on Amazon, searching Expedia for hotel rooms or checking out at the local supermarket. Those observations are often used to... More >>


How do we get more highly-qualified STEM teachers?

How do we get more highly-qualified STEM teachers?  Research shows that even for teachers with years of experience, it is important to continually seek more professional development, either in the form of an advanced degree or through relevant work... More >>

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Internships, research experiences and science exposure programs are pivotal to student success in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Many high school students first affirm their career interests in STEM and many college student... More >>

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Game Development as a Career of Tomorrow

When one thinks of game development today as a career field, a typical first image is that of someone who will be sitting at a robust machine kicking out the next Halo, FIFA, Angry Birds or any of the thousands of entertainment-oriented games on the... More >>

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“Seeing is believing” as the saying goes. But maybe more importantly, seeing is often understanding. In addition to using words and numbers, science teachers often find it useful to communicate ideas and information to students with visual presentat... More >>

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