Currently, according to the results of the latest round of international tests, over half a million American students leave school each year without the literacy they need to participate effectively in society, and more than 700,000 lack the math s... More >>

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Your Curriculum May Not Be Aligned, And You May Not Know It

If you work in the district curriculum office, this statement may be what keeps you up at night: Districts and schools have worked diligently to im plement the College and Career Standards. More >>

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Technology in the Classroom: One Person’s Point of View

Having spent my entire career in education, a career spanning nearly 50 years, I have seen many changes impacting how instruction is delivered. And in those 50 years, nothing has impacted change more than technology and the Internet. As with most ch... More >>

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Why is Early Literacy ESSENTIAL?

Over a career that has spanned 40-plus years, I have worn a variety of hats in the education arena.  First as a rural educator, then inner-city urban educator (where most of my teaching years were spent), higher education leader, director of teacher... More >>

Relevant Tags: Learning A-Z: Expanding Elementary Literacy

Teaching Main Idea Comprehension

Main Idea (Summative) Comprehension This complex skill happens to have a large role in reading comprehension overall. Instruction in main idea comprehension has been identified as one of the instructional practices with greatest impact on rea... More >>

Relevant Tags: Learning A-Z: Expanding Elementary Literacy

The Data Story Uncovering the narrative to our children’s future

In academia, buzzwords and acronyms are everywhere.  Research, educational policy, politics and media help shape the terminology and rhetoric.  Some terms trend and others seem to fade away. The term or concept of “Data” has been trending since the ... More >>

Relevant Tags: Learning A-Z: Expanding Elementary Literacy

Writing in Today’s World

This writing between my daughter and me probably looks quite familiar to you. Most likely, you have engaged in this type of writing many times over the last few years. Though it might not resemble the type of writing that left your fingers aching, r... More >>

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Turning Around School Performance Requires Bold Steps How Bear Creek Elementary Went From a “D” to “A”

Be Bold. That’s where a school leader must start if you want to lead meaningful school change. There’s nothing wrong with incremental improvement or plotting out a step-by-step process, but we have to take a step back and look at the big pict... More >>

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The Need for Speed (and Space)

Teachers of history at the secondary level have a daunting task. Every new school year brings more to “cover” as a matter of course. Another year, another chapter. When the average citizen meets a friend in the supermarket, she says, “How are you?” ... More >>

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The Elements of Teaching

The periodic table reveals an almost miraculous regularity. In it, the haphazard truths —observed piecemeal by so many individuals day-to-day, over centuries across the world— serendipitously fall in line. In its elemental predictability, a reassura... More >>

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Dazzle Your 1st Graders with Fraction Sense

The intelligent use of visual and concrete mathematics materials can enable young students to grasp mathematical concepts and thus not have to rely upon memorization. I would like to illustrate this principle with a few fraction activities, especial... More >>

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Being in fourth grade and teaching phonics to first graders, participating in the eighth grade spelling lesson as a fourth grader, being taught in small groups of three to five students from mixed grade levels on particular skills or topics, having ... More >>


MARS MISSIONS NOT REQUIRED Pragmatic Approaches to Competency-Based Education

As a participant vendor in the Competency-Based Education Network’s TIP (Technology Interoperability Project) last year, I had the pleasure of serving on a panel at the 2015 CBExchange in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a lively panel with a good mix of qu... More >>


EVIDENCE IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS What do leaders need to know and do?

In the world of education, we experience shared rhetoric. One emerging family of education talk includes competency-based education, mastery learning, student-centered learning, personalized learning, performance assessment and data-informed decisio... More >>



Neighboring towns Dresden, Farmingdale, Hallowell, Monmouth and Richmond were just that: neighbors. Each had an independent school system with local students, history and traditions. Each had its own mascot and school rivalries. More >>


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